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Does the language of complexity mix well with the language of public sector accountability?

Complexity and systems science is getting a lot of interest in public policy, and related areas such as public health. But how well does it fit with existing public sector accountability structures? 789 more words

Obamacare’s Complexity is Not Designed to Fool People

Obamacare’s complexity is really driven by the complexity of our present health care system—and the preferences of the American people

In a fantastic piece Megan McArdle exhorted journalists, who need both expert knowledge and insider connections to do their job, to nonetheless represent their non-expert, outsider readers. 991 more words

Health Care And Health Insurance

The Clarity Factor

One of the highlights at the end of the year is the BBC Reith Lecture. They are always worth listening to, and this year, the topic is “Why doctors fail”, with Dr. 259 more words

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As ye sow, so shall ye reap

Posted by Yusef Noden

“… As ye sow, so shall ye reap

Actions can have negative or positive effects on different system attributes. Each effect will grow with feedback, taking the whole system down their resultant paths. 66 more words


Chapter 1: Inexorably Us

Note: Hi guys! Panic over, I have returned. I will be replying to each of your lovely comments shortly after I post this. Its been 5 months of progress and regress, but I’m beginning to feel like myself again. 3,281 more words

Implementation of BubbleSort and MergeSort using c++

Today we want to implement two simple sorting algorithms BubbleSort and MergeSort without using more advanced data structures. Before we start, let’s do some analyse of these two algorithms. 646 more words



I normally would present the complete ‘picture’ – in this case, the ‘method’ for problem solving – and then explain what I mean by the individual components of the method. 666 more words

Visual Thinking