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Assessing the impact of humanitarian relief assistance – a challenge and an opportunity

The Asian Development Bank and 3ie have produced a video lecture series on impact evaluation, one of which I’ve posted here in light of challenges faced by evaluators of humanitarian assistance programs (e.g. 11 more words


The amortized cost of vector insert is 3

C++ requires many algorithms to be implemented in amortized constant time. I was always curious what this meant for vector insertion. To get started I first wrote an article about… 1,024 more words


Difficulties with Simplifying the Complex

Charles Emerson Ngo

I think it cannot be avoided that when meeting people for the first time, we usually box them into certain categories on how we expect them to act. 227 more words

A terrific highly thoughtful review of Napoleon in America by the renaissance man that is Troy Camplin. Be sure to check out Troy’s eclectic blog… 30 more words


Walking in Amstel Park with the Genetic Choir

This coming Sunday afternoon, you can have a stroll in the park and listen to it’s natural sounds combined with our vocal music.

We will perform… 311 more words


Red String of Fate

Years ago I came upon the story of the red string of fate. And lately I’ve been thinking about it. The idea of the red string of fate is that everyone has a red string tied to their ankle or their finger, and those who are destined to meet, or help in some way -their strings are tangled. 438 more words

Is Europe Heading For Long-Term Stagnation?

Recent news (August, 2014) speaks of slowing economy in Germany and of France, where economy has come to a virtual standstill. Our complexity and resilience analysis of the Eurozone and its member states shows, moreover, that the  Eurozone, seen as a system, is not out of the crisis yet. 192 more words