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"Better before Worse" - are you dropping off the cliff?

Most change initiatives fail.  Statistics from MIT research suggest that for leaders managing change the ‘capability trap’ is the single major failure mode.  So, what is this trap, how is it set up and, more importantly, how to avoid it? 1,187 more words


Take a Ride on the Wild Side of Leadership

Not long ago my friend Mark Holmgren posted a blog titled Becoming a Learning Organization (Part One) that got me thinking about what it takes to provide leadership to a learning organization. 1,461 more words


Complexity, drivers and modulators in life and the law

This video is fascinating for a host of reasons. In particular, it illustrates a concept that is critical in my continuing series of posts about the legal ecosystem. 1,398 more words


10 Great Resources for Systems Thinking and Complexity in Health

Fred Nelson

We believe the following ten resources to be great systems thinking and complexity in health resources for health professionals in all fields seeking to apply these ideas to their work. 1,936 more words

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An absolutely excellent resource for anyone with a penchant for mashing up some systems theory, healthcare and "how to work in a way that is more congruent with the people and communities you are actually a small part of". That last bit is mine. I certainly wouldn't put my own contributions in the same category as those giant shoulders listed in the blog, however, if you'd like to see what some of the ideas look like, when you sneak them into practice in one small corner of the world, take a look here: www.complexcarewales.org

per fection

Everybody has their own perception of perfection. Many are illusioned by their desires which derives instinctively on the exposure and existence of humanity. Curiosity forces us to discover as we learn in the present through our experiences. 180 more words



The universe began about fifteen years ago, in almost absolute simplicity, and it’s been getting more and more complex ever since. This movement from the simple to the complex is built into the web and weave of the universe, and it’s called the tendency toward complexity.

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13 (Culture-Numbing) Side Effects of Toxic Leadership

By Linda Fisher Thornton

A reader commented on the post Can A Toxic Leader Be Ethical? Yes and No  requesting more information about the organizational side-effects of toxic leadership. 291 more words

Ethical Leader