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Thought Snack: Concluding Intelligent Design

“When is it reasonable to conclude, in the absence of firsthand knowledge or eyewitness accounts, that something has been designed? For discrete physical systems—if there is not a gradual route to their production—design is evident when a number of separate, interacting components are ordered in such a way as to accomplish a function beyond the individual components. 272 more words

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Two More Masterclasses for 2014

For all those people who expressed an interest but were unable to make the last Masterclass in Peterborough I am running at least three more in the coming months in… 111 more words

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The cure can be worse than the disease

Posted by Yusef Noden

“… The cure can be worse than the disease

Believing in our ‘cure’ we can mistakenly continue escalating the ‘dose’ if it seems not to be working, when we are by that act escalating the problem instead. 60 more words


Evolution: A Complexity View

The role of sex?

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Christos Papadimitriou has a joint paper with Adi Livnat, Aviad Rubinstein, Gregory Valiant, and Andrew Wan that will appear soon at FOCS 2014. 1,887 more words


No Problems and Harmony

You see the wars in the world? It looks chaotic but in reality it is harmonious. There is a cause and effect to the wars. If you shoot a gun at a person who is armed, they will return fire. 70 more words


6 Links Of Separation: A Learning Experiment

Reading an old copy of Daniel Pink’s A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future, looking for ideas on how cognitive science is liberating the workforce, I liked an idea he had of how to put into practice whole brain thinking – namely the… 524 more words

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the non-dumbed down post about psychiatry

I apologize for that bombastic post about mental health (not really.) I’m mostly just apologizing for speaking in such a not-so scholarly manner. Anyways….. Do want to know the truth about psychiatry? 529 more words