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The power of commitment and consistency

As the political midterm election campaigning season draws to a climax, it is fascinating to see the ways in which these campaigns utilize persuasion to gain influence. 1,524 more words

An open letter to Apple - a change of heart

Dear Apple,

I wrote to you back in 2012, deriding your decision to remove the lock lead security hole on your laptops. I may even have been a little rude. 319 more words


Overtime Rules: Some are still working on the basics

When I decided to start blogging I had to make a decision. Do I just blog the updates or do I take on issues that I feel are important.  428 more words


Compliance in China for Foreign Businesses - How to Comply & the Problems that Can Arise

Foreign companies trading or operating in China have in the past come to accept that the best and possibly the only way to do business, is through the bending of compliance laws. 100 more words


"No Behaviors of Concern"

We had two attempts at Mikey’s IEP meeting in as many weeks. Each meeting was two hours long. I am still trying to figure out how I feel about them. 613 more words


When it comes to prepaid cards, if you can beat em join em

That is my most important takeaway from the FDIC’s biannual survey of unbanked and under-banked households that was released yesterday. If you are interested in getting these potential members into your branches-as credit unions  you have an ethical and legal obligation to try to do so-you better find a way of competing with the prepaid card. 650 more words