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Take the Compliment

Okay so how many of you have been given a compliment and denied its validity straight away? Did the classic, oh no you’re just trying to be nice? 174 more words



As a parent there are a lot of “things” that can make us proud of our children.  There are awards and accomplishments that our children may earn through hard work.  399 more words



An Open Letter to All the Beautiful, Talented and Awesome People of the World.

Guys, we need to talk about compliments.

Many of you really, really suck at taking them. 1,014 more words


compliment—a polite expression of praise or admiration

how come i seems to struggle with that little act of kindness so much? in talking to the people around me, it’s easy to see that i’m not alone. 414 more words


How to compliment a modest person

After a lifetime of problems with compliments–they often make me uncomfortable but sometimes I crave them–I’ve decided that the problem is not compliments per se but the… 636 more words

Current Events

How We Perceive Beauty

I had a new associate on my current freelance project introduce herself to me in person last night, after passing me in the hallway on Sunday and friending me on Facebook about two weeks ago. 237 more words



It’s nice to feel needed in other people’s lives. It’s nice to know that you have a purpose. But sometimes…you personally feel like you have a purpose, but others just don’t seem to notice. 215 more words