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I'm Taking It As a Compliment

A new texter accused me last night of being “a racist” and a “sh**pot.” His problem with what I said? He thought I was making up Dorian Johnson’s (I have no idea why I said “Gray”) story. 318 more words

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How to Live in Thanksgiving Daily

I’ve noticed people who have a gratitude attitude are the happiest kind of people in the world. It’s a quality which makes them more likable and at peace with themselves. 560 more words

Tuesday Tips

A Double Dose of Daily Kindness

This is such a great idea to get everyone feeling positive and valued. Please share this blog or like and share the Unfold Your Wings Facebook page. 22 more words


I have a big issue with compliments. Although they may be directed to make one feel good about oneself, it indirectly affects everyone around. I may be thinking too literal but this is a topic that I’ve been continually ranting to myself. 308 more words

[Motivation Monday] Make Today about Someone Else

Something I try to keep in mind is: it’s not about me, it’s about Jesus.
Every day I wake up and affirm those words.

 I am not seeking glory for myself; but there is one who seeks it, and he is the judge.

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Celibate Sisters

Weird Jobs, #1

I once spent a summer dressed as a milkmaid with a blonde wig and a corset that pushed my boobs up to my chin, handing out free samples of butter. 49 more words

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