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I was waiting...

… outside of a medical facility for someone recently. I’d been instructed to drive around to “patient pickup” and it took a little longer for them to appear at the door than I’d expected. 552 more words

Take time out: How not to say or do things we later regret

Some conflicts become heated as levels of anger and frustration rise. Rather than speaking assertively, partners begin to accuse, criticise, or yell. Rather than listening actively, partners interrupt, belittle, and ignore. 484 more words


Music to an author's ears....top three compliments that thrill.

The job of the professional writer takes place mostly in darkened rooms or at out-of-the-way coffee shop tables. We slave away, push the send button and through some miraculous process the manuscript turns into a book. 233 more words


Many of the things we do in life are actually done for others and not for ourselves.

When we dress, beautify our houses, put on the best perfumes, all of these are done to seek the pleasure of others, to see them smile and earn their praise. 365 more words

Lets Read

How to make a woman blush….or NOT!

“I have never seen a black woman as beautiful as you”. A statement meant to be a compliment when it was uttered…and more so, in what is considered to be the most romantic language on earth. 387 more words


August 31, 2014: A Kind Word

I ran into my neighbour who was out walking her dog.  In amidst the local gossip, she invited me to the gym to participate in a weight class she attends.  73 more words