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Cute for a Black Girl...As Told by a Black Guy


It’s bad enough to be told you’re “cute for a black girl”, as if black women aren’t capable of being beautiful, but it’s even worse when someone black says you’re cute for a black girl. 196 more words


From Unexpected Places........

    Today we’ll talk about out of the blue surprises that the Universe sends to you at the least likely moment. My latest and among the greatest was last week. 777 more words


Mindy Kaling on Jimmy Kimmel

Mindy talks about being an averaged sized woman as well as a Hollywood actress.

Give More Compliments!

There are times in our lives when everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong, and during those times, we feel like the lowest person in the world, but even the smallest bit of positivity can change that. 301 more words


Think Happy Thoughts

The way you perceive yourself has a massive impact on how others perceive you. We can’t always control the many factors that affect our self confidence but there are ways we can consciously help maintain it. 101 more words

My Thoughts

Tax Day, Two Carrots, and Catching Hubby's Eye

Tomorrow is Tax Day!

Yikes, and here I sit with forms needing to be filled out. I do this every year…say I’m going to file early, but don’t. 783 more words

Ideation for Performance Art piece

While sitting in class thinking about what type of performance art I could use my body for I was lead to think about how nice it is to receive a compliment. 194 more words