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How to Become a Games Journalist 14: Composing an Email like a Professional

This is still a hassle for people who make it to college.

Start now and make these skills a habit because, at some point in your life, you may have to compose an email to someone important and, if you don’t know how, you’ll find yourself in a real dilly of a doozy. 440 more words

Video Games

Fat Ankles

I’m really pleased and proud to have this small story up on Compose today.  I wrote it a bajillion years ago and have always had a warm spot for it.   34 more words

Jane Eaton Hamilton

Album Progress

It’s been a couple of months since I last shared any progress on my upcoming album. I have, in total, written over 20 songs for the album. 162 more words

Taylor Swift

Let Me Walk My Own Way

Let me walk my own way

Let me stumble

Let me fall

Just let me walk my own way

Let me scratch my knee

Let me fall on my face… 91 more words


phrase fix 6

In this Fixed Phrased piece the base gesture is composed with care to be smoothly playable on the bass. To develop the music only small deviations are made, and the root of the gesture is only transposed a few times. 27 more words




This is an online platform for creating music with multiple tracks and with different sounds. The site ‘invites you to become the conductor of a group of human beatbox‘. 89 more words


Phrase Fixé Etudé

Here goes another experiment for proving that it does not have to be all that complicated (see Fixed Phrase). The phrase is built up in consideration to be smoothly playable on the bass, i.e. 67 more words