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Compose Is A Distraction-Free Email App That Only Lets You Write Messages

Compose, an incredibly simple app that took only about an hour to design and another to build, may not be as ridiculous as it initially sounds. 409 more words



If you are at home, December could be the best time of your life.

But if you are living far from home, this is the month you avoid shopping malls, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, anything on Earth that remind you of Christmas. 9 more words



There’s nothing
Left to do

Get your act
Compose yourself
Pin your
Faith on
Whoever you
Want to

Start over

Spinoza's God

As Spinoza says, it is only by human attributes (goodness, justice, charity and so on) that God “communicates” to human creatures the perfections they possess…

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3. December 2014

Dries van Noten par Frederic Malle may be a scent that spice up a man’s wardrobe warm and well composed with sandalwood and saffran. 8 more words


a flash of lightning

“Here we must rid ourselves of all “personalist” references. The one that . . . does not refer to an individual, to a person, but rather to an event, that is, to the forces in their various relationships in a proposition or a phenomenon, and to the genetic relationship which determines these forces (power).

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