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Franz Liszt Pulls Mountains of Sex

When you think of careers that would make women fight over your discarded clothing, concert pianist probably ranks somewhere near sewage treatment worker and that guy who tackles streakers at football games. 809 more words


A German Maverick: Lachenmann's Concertini

Getting to encounter the latest crop of Lucerne Festival Academy students is always inspiring, but tonight’s concert included an especially thrilling discovery. With the composer in the house, the Academy players performed Helmut Lachenmann’s… 251 more words

New Music

Interactive Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel: Design your own opera! is an open-access website that allows children to create a personalized version of Humperdinck’s opera and to go backstage to learn about the making of an opera production. 105 more words


In memoriam: Stefans Grové

South Africa’s true musical spokesman has passed. The youngest of an influential triumvirate known as the ‘founding fathers’ of South African Art Music,* Stefans Grové certainly received a more consistent international presence as a composer than his two colleagues. 843 more words


Ningún mortal se puede comparar a Liszt, a FRANZ LISZT por Clara Rodríguez

Por Clara Rodríguez
Puesta en escena en Caracas en Julio del 2011


· Pianista: Clara Rodríguez

· Actriz: Caridad Canelón

· Narrador: Miguel Delgado-Estévez… 3,205 more words


Clara Rodríguez: “Vamos a hacer el Schumann”

Prensa FundaMusical Bolívar

Esa fue la frase con la que el maestro José Antonio Abreu invitó a la pianista venezolana Clara Rodríguez a tocar de nuevo en su país. 1,374 more words