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Dot Dragon

Today’s watercolor experiment:

I’ve been a little frustrated with dots lately (Reticulations, Dot Matrix). I do admit, it is fun watching them disperse and make tiny little patterns (the drawing inks, that is). 499 more words

Personal Stories

Right Angles and Motion

Yes, it’s all rectangles and squares. What an interesting challenge! Wherever you look, it’s all 90° and you think this should look stable and fixed. Not so. 238 more words

Composition's Industrial Turn (And The Question of Who's Left Holding the Wheel)

Ok, a quick trip down disciplinary history lane:

As Geoffrey Sirc and others have noted, composition had a choice to make back in the 1960s, when it began to behave (and thus be recognized as) a discipline: a) to fashion itself as an integral part of the university’s mechanics, thus ensuring its survival; or b), to keep on keeping on as its own weird, inscrutable thing, one whose value the university itself was likely to recognize. 1,276 more words




I KNOW MANY PHOTOGRAPHERS WHO SUBJECT THEMSELVES TO THE DELICIOUS TORTURE, known to authors everywhere,as “publish or perish”, or, in visual terms, the tyranny of shooting… 553 more words


Farewell Ramp Message

We have reached the end of our reign. Truly, this moment gives me mixed emotions. Sad to be parting ways with (Teen Page) and happy to be welcoming another deserving batch of title holders. 373 more words


A Yiddish Twinkle

For something completely random, I wanted to share with you a fun homework assignment I wrote this past week for my Arranging class.  I had the assignment to take an already well known piece and put it in a completely different ethnic style for a small ensemble.  24 more words