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Journal Assignment: Using WayBackMachine


The landscape of the internet has changed drastically throughout the past several years, and it continues to change everyday. The design elements of pages continue to evolve, and sites from the mid-2000s look noticeably different than they do now. 417 more words


The Red Zone Vs. The Dead Zone

I have three and a half legitimate weeks left in my semester (plus finals week), and in that exceedingly short time frame I have to write: 339 more words


Hello... friends.

Welcome back!

My name’s Joshua – for those of you that have been following my blog and have noticed the decline in any posts, this is down majorly to a fixation with having to get work done – but fear not, the website has been updated and I have much to share with you over the coming months. 423 more words


Latest Works

I’ve just joined Mixcloud and uploaded a few pieces I’ve been working on. Please have a listen below and let me know what you think. 20 more words


Journal Assignment: Paratext Memoir


Gérard Genette suggested the notion of paratext (1997). All texts surrounding any main textual body of a book—whether in the form of the title, preface, jacket flap, cover design, or advertisements— may be considered paratext. 436 more words