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Leaves in Space

Another example of using the negative space to create a sense of balance with the positive. Here the leaves fill the lower left area giving it density, yet the introduction of only a minimal portion of the subject anchors the upper right and works with the space to create harmony in the composition moving the viewers eye up and off the page.


A Birthday Scherzo

This Scherzo was written two years ago for the birthday of a good friend of the composer. For all the composer knows, this chap hasn’t yet played it through.


Persuasive Essay Self-Reflection

Persuasive Essay Student Self-Reflection Sheet

Please answer the following on a sheet of paper in complete sentences.

Name ____________________________________________

Topic of Persuasive Essay _______________________________

  1. Why did you choose this topic for your persuasive essay?
  2. 116 more words
English 10

The feeling of "having written"

Earlier this week in my public relations management class, my professor said something that instantly struck a chord.

“I don’t like writing, but I like having written.” 242 more words

Adventures & Anecdotes

Birdsong, redefined.

Inspiration can come from anywhere; a dream, a curious stain on a mattress or even a choice glance at a photograph of a row of birds perched on a telephone wire. 203 more words

Birds On The Wires

Writing is a road trip

A moment of horror in the copy room. That’s where this post started.

A moment of horror borne of another instructor’s handout, one that simultaneously reduced and universalized the writing “process” to a tick sheet of dos, don’ts, and otherwise.  1,541 more words