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I took this shot and then wondered what Boer was is all about. And once I read the history and the events that led to this war, my perception of this image completely changed. 40 more words

Point, Line and Form

We did a point, line and form exercise in our workshop time. It was called a ‘basic typographic composition design’ exercise. The objective was to allow ourselves to visualise the basics of a design using only compositional typography as an element of point, line and form. 135 more words


Gestalt Theory

How viewers respond to Design. The configuration of elements within a piece of design. Gestalt is the German word for ‘Form’.

My task was to put together different compositions using only one dot a block of text and title and to rearrange them into different configurative methods. 30 more words

Studio Work



DURING THE GOLDEN AGE OF SLIDE FILM, I KNEW PLENTY OF PHOTOGRAPHERS who feared the unforgiving quality of the medium. The way that, with the educated guessing involved in many exposures, it was all or nothing. 505 more words