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Moon Casale: Moon Casale

While listening to “Moon Casale” (Moonrise Records, 2013), the eponymously titled solo record by recording artist Moon Casale (also known as Keith Zarriello of… 705 more words

Music Review

The fragment of imaginations that I live,
The virtual reality that i weave,
An inception of thought that is more than true,
Building a character with little clue. 81 more words


A birthday present to myself...and something else.

(Long post – just a warning.)

Yes, everyone. Today, I finally turn 18. It’s a milestone, right? Well, even if it is, I don’t consider myself an adult just yet. 693 more words

Sonny Hoang

Cold Morning to Good Morning


The cold breeze entered my wide-opened window

I felt it, I liked it for it makes me quiver

Try to match it with your warm comfy cover… 122 more words



As you lay beside me

in time and space

Have you ever noticed

the tears in my eyes

As you look at me

but not see me at all… 43 more words


Modular Style Wall Shelf Provides Infinitely A Variety Of Compositions by Feedous

Sinapsi is a modular style wall shelf designed by the designer Sebastian Errazuriz of Chile in 2010. He was inspired by the brain cells. And exactly how cells can multiply, is increasing the shelf organic in the space. 30 more words