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The Half Truth

In my most of the time
I saw you polite
Subtle and divine
But that’s the half truth
As I always slept on your brighter side. 120 more words


Kenza, for piano

Today is the second birthday of my second child Kenza, firstborn to my wife Nehal El-Hadi. Just before her birth, I wrote a short three-movement work for piano dedicated to her. 270 more words


Robots, Riots and Repetition

Inspired by Stravinsky’s controversial ballet, The Rite of Spring and Kraftwerk’s single ‘The Man Machine’, Year 7 composed their very own machine music pieces. Their brief was to include at least two repeating patterns (the technical term for this is an ostinato), to make up their own chord and to try to use accents. 53 more words


A Bias for Action

The dastardly act of killing young children at an Army run school, Peshawar, the death count for which continues to rise; a teacher being burnt alive, is appalling. 332 more words

Lock, Stock & Barrel

"Cardiac Rhythms," Brandon Nelson (low brass trio)

On December 13, 2014, the International Low Brass Trio premiered my piece “Cardiac Rhythms” at the Seventh Avenue Presbyterian Church, San Francisco, CA.

The group had commissioned this piece along with several others for this program.  291 more words


To God be the Glory (Instrumental)

Hello. Been a while! So I decided to upload an instrumental I did sometime ago of the hymn, “To God be the Glory”. It’s in sheet music format, so maybe only those who are able to read sheet music will be able to read it. 29 more words


Chrome. Local Motorcycle Show.

At the local bike show, I saw a lot of chrome: that what attracted me the most. I don’t know anything of the motorcycles, but as any women I fall for blink-blink. 43 more words