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Letters to Jack: Letter VII

I apologize for not posting anything for over three weeks; I’m probably a little rusty. College started and I’ve been trying to settle in without going crazy. 1,418 more words

Sonny Hoang

Liverpool LGBT Choir Blog.

Sunday 14th September 2014.

Welcome back, again, you wonderful wordies.

Surprise, surprise! This week I walked in to our church room to heavy metal playing very loudly, oh yeah. 1,645 more words


The oven toaster might have fallen and it was my fault

When you’re not yourself in the morning, or practically every single passing second of the day, you lose losing yourself over and over. And just now my feet almost got tangled with an extension cord where the oven toaster’s power source is plugged — It might have fallen and it was my fault. 182 more words


Lonely Little Boat

for Hugh Tracey alto kalimba tuned to G-flat major

Composed April 2004
Recorded September 2004

Music copyright Bruce A. Russell 2014


My Soundcloud

Slowly but surely I’ve begun adding recordings of my compositions on soundcloud. You can find me here.

Also, follow me on Twitter @Stentorphone.


Avant garde and Year 9

Year 9 are currently thinking outside the box and looking at avant garde music (literally ‘advance guard’ – music at the forefront of breaking with tradition, pushing the boundaries and turning expectations upside down). 91 more words


Look in the mirror,
admire God’s work, and then,
weep for what you’ve lost.

Written by Haven.

2014 0915 1934