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Garden: Pumpkins and Apple volunteers

Do you remember a few days ago I posted thisWell four days later I pulled back th black plastic and this is what I found. 127 more words


Compost Bin

I have a plastic tub that somehow got cracked on the bottom corners and the lid. I felt bad about just throwing it away or putting it in the recycle bin. 122 more words


compost: DIY recycling

Compost is one of my favourite garden activities and topics of discussion. I’ve been composting for years and my kitchen scraps and garden waste all go into the mix which is home to many of the animals in my life – of the invertebrate persuasion. 696 more words


Chi in the Garden

I’ve moved locations. My old blog can be found here.

Anyway. So much to say I don’t know where to start. I am feeling a bit under the weather today, not sick, just strange. 624 more words


So, I’ve started a compost bin. My family has a huge backyard, so why not use it. I have no idea where the sudden inspiration came from but its the only thing i have seen through in this present year (i’m pathetic lol). 425 more words


The Art of Composting

Composting. Sounds easy. Sounds good. So we all do it, right? Ha. I think composting is at risk of becoming a dying art in this day and age. 940 more words

Garden Bits

Composting | Turn Your Garbage to Dirt

We tried to start composting at our little Downtown Tupelo duplex a year and a half ago and it kind of worked, but mostly we just got garden boogers and browner banana peels. 718 more words