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Compost: not just for worms

In nature, nothing is wasted or thrown away.

While there is nothing natural about urban living, composting our organic waste mimics natural processes carried out by insects, worms and micro-organisms to decompose dead plants and return valuable nutrients back to the earth. 773 more words


Writers’ BLOCKbusters… compost

Let this FlashPic from Writers’ BLOCKbusters get you started writing today. Study the photograph, then use the sentence below as the beginning of a new short story. 32 more words

Sandra Danby

Garden: Pumpkins and Apple volunteers

Do you remember a few days ago I posted thisWell four days later I pulled back th black plastic and this is what I found. 127 more words


Green Johanna

We have a new addition to our garden. It’s sitting placidly in the corner like a great green spaceship, working industriously away as we speak. 331 more words


Compost Tea of Your Very Own

I continue to be amazed that the quality of compost is so important to chemical free gardening.  Superior compost is not a quick and easy process.  285 more words

The Most Critical Factor in Successful Composting - Foundations of Organic Gardening Info Series

The most important factor – always “Have two”. No matter what type of compost containment you choose,  have two of them for one simple reason: If you are always adding stuff to your compost, you don’t get to harvest your compost. 129 more words

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The Kasisi Agricultural Training Center in Lusaka, Zambia

From the website Ecology and Jesuits in communication:

October 24, 2011

Paul Desmarais, SJ

Developing local strategies to conserve environmental resources, and providing lifelong education in sustainable farming: these are the central tasks of the Kasisi Agricultural Training Centre (KATC) in Zambia.   831 more words