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In thinking about composting and how I will keep up with my growing pile I have not yet figured out how I will contain my compost during my grow season, starting now and presumably ending in September or October. 65 more words

Back Patio Garden

Build It and They Will Come

We have put in two small ponds of the eight planned. The first one is located at the top of the property. It was a small, seasonal pond M dug by hand summer before last. 306 more words


Garden Kitchen Lab Map

Spring is here and we are planning our garden building. First step was to document the sun light hours in the area where we want to grow, vegetable and herb garden need at least eight hours of sun to grow strong and healthy vegetables and fruits. 45 more words


Why is composting needed??

Composting is such a beneficial tool to mankind. By composting you kill off human pathogens, plant pathogens, weed seeds, root feeding nematodes, and concentrate nutrients for your soil to be the most top quality that it can be. 200 more words

3 Random Pictures

Working out the new rig.

Imported fertility.

A goose egg and two store eggs.

Small Farm

How to start a new worm bin

Here is a vid I put together on how I start new worm bins.

Worm Farming

more old seed packets

Oh dear, I found more packets of old seeds I missed in my first pass through the Evergreen Community Garden seed stores.

“To Seeds, ‘Packed for 1997,’ … 72 more words