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A Green Gospel: Tiny Kitchen Scraps Have Big Civic Impact

Greetings compost nuts!

Since May, we’ve welcomed over 200 new Bootstrappers into our growing community of urban composters. With so many of you new to the Bootstrap game, we figured it prudent to take a moment to outline the tremendous benefits of having you on board. 568 more words

Bootstrap Compost

Thursday's Child

According to “Monday’s Child,” that 19th-century nursery rhyme, those unfortunate enough to have been born on Thursday “have far to go” (if they had waited just one day, they could boast the virtues of “loving and giving”). 605 more words

The ABCs of BSC

Why Compost? Spell it out with B-O-O-T-S-T-R-A-P

e the envy of your neighbors. With other fools tossing out their food scraps like it’s 1987, Bootstrap… 276 more words

Bootstrap Compost

Finding Ground

Negotiating Food is attempting to expand the project from the small nursery on the terrace of KHOJ to go into the Guerrilla Gardening in the parks of Kheerki.  145 more words

Greenburgh Supervisor Paul Feiner Recommends Residential Organic Waste Collection in Westchester

In a Letter to the Editor, Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner said, “Westchester County should follow the lead of New York City and promote a countywide organic recycling program…Organic waste accounts for about 31 percent of all waste generated by residents. 56 more words

Turning the compost heap for the first time

Back in late August I described the process of putting together an 18-day compost heap.  That heap was made on August 26.  When I measured the temperature on August 30 it was just over 50 degC.  1,262 more words


Tuesday News Rundown (9-16-2014)

By Angelica Cobos
News Reporter

The Texas State University Student Government passed a new legislation yesterday, which approved the extension of the time for shuttle buses on campus to run later on Fridays. 202 more words