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Waste Control Services Supports PNE Zero Waste Day

On August 27th, the Pacific National Exhibition and Vancity hosted a successful zero waste event at the Fair. WCS partnered with the PNE to surpass its 90% diversion goal for this event. 314 more words


Think About a Winter Garden

There are several plants that can go into the garden now as seeds and will reward you with greens into the fall and, if you’re lucky, up to  Christmas and beyond. 201 more words

Community Gardens

Diseased Compost

Do not put diseased material on your compost, it will corrupt the entire thing and make it unusable. [Photo CCBY JoiIto]


Composting 101 (Whiteflies killed my garden)

Unfortunately, the whiteflies have taken over our garden and I had to pull up all of the plants that were growing in both the tiered raised garden as well as the squarefoot gardens. 1,102 more words

garden update: zucchini

starting off the season with 8 zucchini plants had me awash with the stuff at the beginning of the season. froze several gallons (filled so called gallon freezer bags), canned 7 quarts, gave some away and ate some. 219 more words


My Little Helper

Do you remember Miss Prissy?

She was a rescue chick. I raised her in the house, fed her by hand and she is spoiled rotten. I tried to mix her in with my flock, but they are all much bigger than her.  242 more words