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Immigration law and policy is complex and there are frequent misunderstandings on both sides of the fence

Many people are misinformed and confused about U.S. immigration law and policy. Misunderstandings among large numbers of people may contribute to the recent increase of undocumented children, and families arriving on U.S. 815 more words

News Affecting Immigrant Residents

Underwater Dreams Airs Today

Underwater Dreams airs on Mun2 and KSTS Telemundo today and tomorrow.  Watch this movie!  You won’t regret it. It is on at 1:00 p.m. on Telemundo today. 268 more words

Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Real Talk SATURDAY - The Border Crisis is a Humanitarian Crisis

In the past several months, we have seen an influx of young children coming to the United States being met by border patrol agents. Upwards of 52,000 undocumented children have come from the countries of Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. 719 more words


Child illegals: creating a haven, but for how long?

A sovereign nation must be able to control its borders. The United States cannot simply throw open the gates and let anyone come in, even children.  464 more words


Time for Amnesty

Americans don’t really care for reform until things go south. Pun intended.

Illegal immigration has been a big-ticket political item for years. As the Latino population grows, so too will its importance. 595 more words


Sheltering the chrysalis

Sheltering the chrysaIis

I looked up the word idiot in a children’s illustrated dictionary and a picture of Harry Reid appeared.

If there was any greater Poster Child to evidence the utter and complete disdain the Democrat Party holds for the American citizen in general it must be the fact Harry Reid is a party leader. 708 more words

Lack of Comprehensive Immigration Reform Is Causing Rape And Murder In Central America

Leaving aside the outrageous, “the Borders are secure” remark, Reid says in this clip that we would not be having this problem at the border had we passed “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”. 242 more words

Cultural Wars