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The Day The Powerful Ignored The Powerless

Today, I found that my day was filled with this lovely reoccurring motif: ‘Powerful people chose to ignore the powerless for their personal profit.’

It began in acting class where we were working on A Streetcar Named Desire. 172 more words


From Trevor Loudon: Understanding the greater threat

As we see American journalists being beheaded on video by Islamic extremists; as we hear the horrors of Muslims and non-Muslims alike tortured, raped, sold off as slaves or brides, and murdered in the most unimaginable ways; is this all a distraction keeping us from focusing on the greater threat to the freedom of all mankind? 101 more words

Millions of immigrants again on hold: More political moves delay immigration reform as deportations continue.

Children at recess used to play a game called “Red Light, Green Light,” where the one child faces away from the other children who start behind a line, saying “green light,” so the children behind the line can creep closer and tag them before they quickly turn around and say, “red light.” Is this the real strategy on immigration reform on Capitol Hill? 636 more words

KiKi M. Mosley

Elections Over Everything

My latest column is up at AND Magazine.

Here is an excerpt:

After spending months – years, even – talking about the importance of “comprehensive” immigration reform, and threatening to take executive action in violation of the Constitution, President Obama has chosen to delay his promised executive mandate until after the November elections.

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Barack Obama

Executive orders in immigration: President Obama to follow past presidents in executive action

President Obama, backed into a corner by Congress, must fix immigration with a pen and phone. The New York Times reports that the President, behind closed doors, is working on executive actions to overhaul immigration. 811 more words

News Affecting Immigrant Residents

The Racial Resistance To Immigration Reform In America

Right now the United States is being forced to confront some racial divides – between the Ferguson, MO developments and the Unaccompanied Minor crisis at the US-Mexico Border, it appears that race is under the microscope again.   325 more words

Lansing Immigration Lawyer

More than 60,000 unaccompanied minors need immigration lawyers and volunteer organizations need pro bono help

Congress who failed to take serious action to address an epic immigration crisis left 60,000 unaccompanied minors in the dust. Meanwhile, there are plenty of people with legal talent and non-profits with experience and commitment to volunteer initiatives to help children in need. 563 more words

News Affecting Immigrant Residents