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SSISDB 2012 – Data Compression

A tip to decrease the storage size of SSISDB is to apply data compression to the 4 largest tables:
(this feature is only available in the… 68 more words

SQL Server 2012

SPCOM 2014: tutorials

I just attended SPCOM 2014 at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore — many thanks to the organizers for the invitation! SPCOM 2014 happens every two years and is a mix of invited and submitted papers (much like Allerton). 471 more words

Adding Deduplication and Compression without impacting performance

IT professionals expect a lot from their storage systems; they want volume management, thin provisioning, snapshot, clones, automated tiering, replication etc. Increasingly today, they want deduplication and compression as well, so they can squeeze every ounce of capacity out of their storage investment. 871 more words


Basic concept of Backup compression

This article was written by me couple to months back for one of my colleague who wanted to perceive their career in SQL Database Administration. 602 more words

day 335: Georgia on my mind

I’m listening to drums heavily compressed and distorted in the left speaker with a mono plate reverb on the right. I’m cycling between 24 – 22 – 20 – 18 – 16 bits on one of the returns. 277 more words

Practice Log

Getting Salty: A pace pet peeve. {And a new Ambassadorship!}

salt·y /ˈsôltē/
(of language or humor) down-to-earth; coarse.
tough; aggressive.

Hehe see what I did there? Today I have my rant pants on and they just so happen to be covered in illustrations of lobsters. 766 more words


Dynamic Range - Compression

Dynamic Range – the ratio between the loudest and lowest possible volume.

Sibilance – ess, shh sound.

Plosines – p, b sounds.

A pop filter will help with the p and b sounds. 247 more words