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Is Compression for Competition or Recovery?

As tight as they are bright, compression socks, sleeves, shorts, and pants promise to boost performance and recovery. But scientists aren’t entirely sure how—or if—compression gear works as advertised, questioning its usefulness in competition and recovery. 8 more words


Canadian Compression

“Resting is as important as running and running with the right gear helps.”

A review of a pair of 3/4 -length EC3D‘s (A Canadian company) compression knickers. 566 more words

What format are you?

Post production is done, so what now? You have been through the whole process from planning and scheduling to sound production and editing and are now ready to wrap up the project. 757 more words

Music Production - How to use compression in your mixes

On the one hand, musicians are encouraged to give an enthusiastic and dynamic performance, while on the other, their levels must be controlled to some extent, if we are to create musically acceptable mixes. 4,389 more words


7-Zip 9.34 Final released!

After tiny bit over 4 years, we’ve finally got the new version of 7-zip. 7-Zip is one of the best file compressors, featuring a modern 7z archive type with LZMA2 compression algorithm, which provides very high compression ratio at amazing speeds through highly multi-threaded compression engine supporting up to 16 threads with dictionary size up to 1GB, solid compression, SFX support, archive splitting, AES-256 encryption and many more features. 312 more words


Lecture 006: Compression

There are always two stages of compression - Video Format & File Format. Totally different things.

File Format:

It is a container, the file format is a wrapper. 220 more words

How Compression Apparel Works

What’s with all the spandex? You’ve probably seen fellow racers wearing tall compression socks, calf sleeves, thigh highs and full tights, wondered what they’re all about and whether you should get some, too. 8 more words