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Vocals are possibly one of the most important elements of a recording. It is often the only human component in a track. Everyone knows what the voice is supposed to sound like, which means it is easy for the listener to pick up if something in the voice isn’t mixed correctly. 562 more words

Briefing Note: DataGravity - Intelligent Primary Storage

There is no question that data centers need to provide faster access to ever increasing volumes of data, and do so at increasingly lower price points. 495 more words


How to compress and decompress files with GZip in .NET C#

You have probably seen compressed files with the “gz” extension. These are files that hold a single compressed file according to the GZIP specifications. … 221 more words


Wiseco K2755 3880 Bore 1051 Compression Ratio Domed Forged

F = A xp = 19.626 x 10 x 6 x 10 N / m = 1177.50 N

The present express of the economy has quite a few of us transforming the our vision of your long run, specifically if we’re nearing golden age age. 207 more words


Our Colorful Compression Stocking Store in Arizona

Do you live in Arizona? We have a storefront where you can come see all of the hundreds of colors and styles of compression stockings we have available. 48 more words

All About Compression


You might think that I stopped traveling. I still do. You might think that my work has turned dystopian. Sometimes.

San Francisco, California.

Ray Laskowitz

"A Million Pieces"

The above scene from Mel Stuart’s “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”  perfectly sums up television transmission. TV junkie “Mike Teevee” succumbs to his urge for television celebrity, consequently finding himself in front of a “Wonkavision” (TV) camera. 932 more words