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The Short Giraffe by Neil Flory and Mark Cleary

It would seem — well, from children’s books at least — that many giraffe suffer from height issues. In a clever twist to the usual awkward-tall-giraffe tale, however, … 110 more words

Children's Books

Truth friendly church

A Truth friendly church

Where His Word they search

And tweet from the perch

Declaring His Truth

His circular proof

Minus consensus

Timely pretenses

Removal of fences… 14 more words



What is Merriam Webster’s definition of compromise?
It’s a way of reaching agreement in which each person or group gives up something that was wanted in order to end an argument or dispute. 508 more words


In The Name Of Persuasion

In the name of Persuasion
it no longer remains a Game
when two Hearts come in contact

The first day I saw into your eyes… 120 more words


Changing The Questions

Something which has often baffled me is how people can change their beliefs. I’m not talking about those who are honestly searching for answers, but people who already had the right answers and stood firmly with God’s clear and plain teachings; people who have already put extensive thought and study into God’s commands on a topic. 422 more words


Defending Doctrine: The Genesis Account

It’s no secret that the foundational truths of the Christian Faith are under intense attack today, with the primary target being the credibility and authority of the very Word of God.  2,157 more words

Absolute Truth

Church Plegmatic

Vandals marred  “The Friendly Church”

It’s front yard sign they did besmirch.

The seven deadly sins imposed

Full viewable from walk and road.

To lust and greed, wrath and envy, 22 more words