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To achieve the goal of being peaceful and joyful all the time...we can not have WANT

You just haven’t really understood how happiness works, yet. To be able to achieve the goal of being peaceful and joyful all the time, one thing that we can not have is WANT. 247 more words


I had a conversation today with a girl at work. It’s not a secret that I’ve been trying to eat better and get myself in shape.. 367 more words

On Chameleons

Was speaking with a superior about frustrations of working with certain personality types.

It has been suggested to me to cultivate the qualities of a chameleon in business situations. 478 more words



“Being that my parents are divorced, I’ve learned the value of compromise instead of giving up.”
“What is something you will not compromise?”
“Finding the one that I don’t mind compromising with.”

God's House?

II Kings 21:5 records how the wicked King Manasseh “built altars for all the host of heaven in the two courts of the house of YHWH.” Manasseh brought idolatrous worship right into God’s temple. 223 more words

Devotions/Bible Studies

"...a weighty price to pay for academic recognition."

“We have seen countless examples of universities, colleges, and seminaries chartered with a strong commitment to orthodox Christianity, only to erode first into liberalism and ultimately to secularism. 110 more words

Quoted People

Sold out or sellouts?: why I sometimes question Christian music

Let me say first in this post that I think Christian music is fantastic compared to secular music and that I enjoy a broad spectrum of Christian music. 797 more words