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Jangling Through Night One

It’s 10:45 pm on a Saturday night in Georgia. I’m sitting on the couch, delaying my anatomy course studies. I’m 28 and I live at home with my momma. 283 more words


Eating Disorder's 101

I was surprised to learn that eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. In fact, it is estimated that 8 to 10 million Americans have an eating disorder. 703 more words


The Other Side

It’s 4:34 and I’ve eaten three bags of popcorn, 1/3 a big bag of salt and vinegar chips, 2 Hershey’s chocolate almond bars, and 6 Blue Bell strawberry chocolate bars. 842 more words

This is where I don't blink

So many things I want to get out and get off my chest. But this is not my diary. And you, as a collective, are not my friends. 951 more words


Lonely Is The Night: Part 2

It’s 3:23 AM and I’m writing another post! Weird!

I was watching Friends and it’s the one with the cat. In this episode, Monica happens to meet the prom king from her high school at the bank and he asks her out. 349 more words

Lonely Is The Night

It’s 12:42 AM and it has been a so-so day again, nutritionally.

I started the day well with a glass of seltzer water with lemon. I don’t know why I love fizzy water so much but I DO. 888 more words

Too Much Time On My Hands

It is 5:50 AM and it’s been a so-so day food-wise. I weighed myself and I am at 168 pounds.

This morning I woke up hungry and fixed microwave eggs with beans. 1,147 more words