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Chew-sing channels for success

The SocialMediaWorks program on CDC’s HealthCommWorks website recommended that I use Facebook, YouTube, and blogs as channels to promote my behavior change campaign to reduce emotional eating in female Cal Poly students. 151 more words


What's out there? A taste test of emotional eating literature

Emotional eating is a disordered eating pattern in which individuals eat in response to non-hunger cues such as stress, anxiety, depression, or boredom. This eating behavior is associated with several unfavorable consequences including weight gain, nausea, feelings of guilt, lowered self-esteem, and escalation into an eating disorder. 639 more words


Obsessive Food Chatter

You know that old statement that guys think about sex every ten seconds?  I have no idea if that’s actually true, but I’d like the people who think they figured that out to chart a similar study of how often people with eating disorders think about food.   366 more words

General Musings

Feelings: it's what's for dinner!

We’ve all done it. After a bad day, we crash on the couch and curl up with our best friends Ben and Jerry. Emotional eating, or eating for reasons other than hunger, is a commonly occurring disordered eating pattern that has been linked to the obesity epidemic. 295 more words


I just keep going.

I have fallen.

Hard, flat on my face.

I wish that this wasn’t my story. I wish I could think and act normally around food. I wish I could have a craving and find it easily fulfilled. 120 more words

I'm Back!

It has been a loooooong time. At first, it was because I was so busy with school, that I just didn’t have time to think about you, or sharing my efforts. 574 more words

Compulsive Eating

Book Review I

I like to read. I read every day. I read blogs. I read books. I read magazine articles. And lots of books. In fact I don’t think I’ve gone to bed without reading at least a few pages of a book I enjoy for as long as I can remember (and before I read to myself my parents read to me, so I have literally been falling asleep with a story in my head for as long as I can remember). 437 more words