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Adult Children of Alcoholics

I was in the sixth grade when my mother received her first DUI. It was 2011 and I was 11 years old waiting for my mother to pick me up from school when I was called into the principal’s office. 665 more words


A love of making things, and a predisposition to panic

I have come to a point in time where there are so many things that I want to do and seemingly not enough time to do them all. 952 more words


But it's not like I'm gonna DIE from being fat.

The fatal nature of my disease. This is what my sponsor asked me to reflect on today. I guess I don’t know… can you die from being fat? 345 more words

The promise

This evening I sat down to write an inspiring but wildly funny post about My Flab And New Strategies For Getting Rid Of It.

This was an important post, because it came at the end of a day of assiduous consumption of everything in the kitchen that didn’t up and run away. 490 more words

Flab To Fab

Okay, but... Am I really a compulsive eater?

A compulsive eater? That means I’m out of control, right? I’m not out of control! Look at me! I’m married, have a wonderful Kid, a great job, a cute house, great friends, a fabulous personality, and I’m always so jolly… Out of control? 604 more words

Never Say Never (Or, What NOT to Tell Yourself if You Want to Lose Weight)

I wanted to cry. Jo Ann, a client, had just dropped a bomb on me. It wasn’t that she was ending our counseling sessions (I already knew that) or that she was going Atkins (instead of the high-veggie diet I promote), but that, after six months of phone sessions (about 50 hours all total), countless emails, texts, and daily submissions, she was still telling herself things like, “I can only have two cookies every other week,” or worse, “I will never eat cookies again!” 568 more words

Deadline approaching: Spring Retreat "So You Want to Kick Your Program Up a Notch?" and more

Deadline approaching:

Spring Retreat “So You Want to Kick Your Program Up a Notch?”

There is less than a month left to register for the BRIG Spring Retreat “So You Want to Kick Your Program Up a Notch?” Registration closes on February 9, 2015. 144 more words