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Flipbook project( must watch)

What I’m representing in this video is that mini heart-attack you feel when you take an extra step on the stairs, or miss a step as they say.


Popeye animation test by Gennedy Tartakovsky

Here’s an animation test that famous director Gennedy Tartakovsky made in order to create a feature length film. Then animation and aesthetics seem pretty fun and interesting. Enjoy! 

Computer Animation Extra Credit

When the sun sets every night life diminishes from the world as darkness sets its hooks upon the Earth. When an ancient giant shouts its breathes the life back into the world at every sunrise. 28 more words

Non-Time Based

Fantasy Landscape - 3

Prompt: The landscape created by the screams of an ancient giant.

Computer Animation

Landscape Redux

The instructions for this final landscape redux was to create an image inspired by “the screams of an ancient giant”. I edited together an image of a cliff, a castle, and smoke for the base image. 100 more words

Non-time Based

Shark Tale (2004): Co-Review

Shark Tale (2004)


Shark Tale is a winning story following a Will Smith talking fish and his quest to become the richest fish in an immersive sea city. 1,128 more words