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Batman: The Dark Knight


The poster I created is in the style of suprematism. This art movement focuses on the abstract. It uses geometric shapes and bright colors. Artists of this movement wanted to push the boundaries on what was considered “art”. 81 more words


Disney Project 2014: Dinosaur

Movie: Dinosaur

Release year: 2000

Let me answer your two questions right now: Yes, it’s been awhile since we fell off the Disney-movie-watching-train. But we were tracking down… 215 more words


Computer Animation Week 4: Orientation

There are several ways to represent the orientation of an object in 3-dimensional space. Some important methods include Euler angles, coordinate frames, and quaternions.

Euler angles are values that represent the pitch, yaw, and roll of an object. 437 more words

Computer Animation

"The Man Who Sold The Sun": A Cinematic Animated Short Film By Kieran Mithani (2014)

“The Man Who Sold The Sun” is a Cinematic Animated Short Film based on Poem Written and Directed By Kieran Mithani.

Filmed, Animated and Directed by:  Kieran Mithani… 41 more words

Cinematic Visual Poems

Celebrate the Book of Life, Western-Style

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Not many films truly acknowledge what another culture’s celebration is mainly about, and with The Book of Life, it does more than introduce to the world what the… 911 more words