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Linux and FreeBSD Servers Infected to Function like a Windows Bot

July 18th, 2014, 14:46 GMT · By Ionut Ilascu

Again another reason to use the new Web component on the managed services RMM (MspManagedNetwork)

Security researchers have found a new malware, dubbed Mayhem, that targets Linux and FreeBSD web servers in order to turn them into bots, without requiring root access. 482 more words

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Beware of Keyloggers at Hotel Business Centers

The U.S. Secret Service is advising the hospitality industry to inspect computers made available to guests in hotel business centers, warning that crooks have been compromising hotel business center PCs with keystroke-logging malware in a bid to steal personal and financial data from guests. 175 more words

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Alert PushDo Trojan Variant Has New Domain Generation Algorithm

Folks the point of this article is if you have not already started using the new web component on the managed services (MspManagedNetwork), you may be rebuilding new machines for your clients which will not make them happy Crypto-Locker is not a joke. 303 more words

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Active Directory Flaw Could Lead to Unauthorized Password Change

July 15th, 2014, 23:37 GMT · By Ionut Ilascu

** “Millions of businesses are blindly trusting Active Directory as a foundation to their overall IT infrastructure. 536 more words

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Alert: New type of malware called “Cryptowall”

The UK’s National Fraud Intelligence Bureau has received the first reports from victims of a new type of malware, known as “Cryptowall”. This is similar to older malware which can encrypt all files on infected machines. 168 more words

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Social Engineering and its Consequences


Why do we receive so many spam emails and phishing attempts in our email inboxes? That is because, today, many people out there are trying to scam us into giving them our personal information to use to their advantage. 251 more words

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Trojans on a Windows PC - What is being changed on the operating system?


The word “Trojan” derives from Greek methodology about the Trojan Horse, where the Greeks conjured up a plan to trick the Romans – with a wooden horse. 310 more words