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A Brief History of Computer Forensics and the Improvements we can see Today.

Fraud is becoming an epidemic in today’s society.  One statistic says that a typical organization loses about 5 percent of its yearly revenues to fraud.  How are data scientists using technology’s latest advancements to help with the prevention of fraud?  620 more words

Computer Forensics!?

Lets talk about Computer Forensics. Chiefly, you must be clear that Forensics is a SCIENCE. Don’t get confused with other terms. It is a SCIENCE… 407 more words

Case Study

Cyber Breach – It will happen to you!

By Michael McCartney (michael.mccartney@digitsllc.com) is President/CEO of DIGITS LLC, in Buffalo, NY.

We have all seen the national news reports lead with the all too familiar story of another company being the victim of a cyber attack. 455 more words

Computer Forensics

September Meeting - Randall Karstetter

Want to know how computer forensic experts dig evidence out of the cyber-ether to help convict criminals–and keep the wrongly accused free?

Randall Karstetter, who has specialized in this fascinating field for nearly 25 years, will be the speaker at our Sept. 182 more words


Computer forensics- the useful application for governmental agencies

Before the invention of computer the life of mankind was mainly dependent on paper work. The maintenance of paper is never easy and searching through them is not at all a simple job. 281 more words

Cyber Secrutity

Computer Networks and Security (2IC60)

At the end of the course, students are expected to be able to 

explain how computer networks are organized. 
describe the Internet structure and explain how standard problems are solved in that context.  11 more words

Security Learning