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Corporate Litigation: 5 Steps to Avoid a Digital Downfall


Corporate Litigation: 5 Steps to Avoid a Digital Downfall

Let’s face it; corporate litigation is never fun even when everything is going your way. To win, you have to carefully watch every possible detail, presenting the strongest possible case. 612 more words

Recover Evidence Using Computer Forensics In Your Workplace For Frauds

Workplace frauds are increasing rapidly with time. You will see that most workplace frauds are being committed using digital devices, the tracking of which used to be a difficult affair till sometime back. 471 more words

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Computer Forensic Provides Great Help For Evidence Recovery

The world of computers and technology has indeed made our world a better and easier place to live in. But, what about the variety of issues it brings in along with it? 475 more words

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Companies Must Have Computer Forensic Support For Information Security

With the digital age ringing in a headache of cyber crimes, digital frauds, information security is being taken for granted. You will find a lot of companies facing issues like virus attacks, hacking, website issues and bugs due to these crimes that are being indicted towards information. 456 more words

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Becoming a Better Digital Forensics Witness

I love to testify—in court, at deposition, in declarations and affidavits—and I even like writing reports about my findings in forensic exams.

I love the challenge—the chance to mix it up with skilled interrogators, defend my opinions and help the decision makers hear what the electronic evidence tells us.  3,594 more words

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Computer Forensics D

This is the last in my series of blog posts on computer forensics based on what I have learnt from the Infinite Skills course. A big thing in computing is virtualization where you can run something like a potential virus or suspect driver in a sandbox where it can run but the damage it can do is limited. 298 more words