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Corporate Espionage: Hacking A Company Through A Chinese Restaurant Takeout Menu

Corporate espionage (industrial espionage) is a favorite topic of mine. I have written and presented on the subject quite a bit and, while I am never sure how my readers react when I write about this, I do carefully watch the look on my audience members’ faces when I first mention the issue. 985 more words

Computer Fraud

Yes, Texas is a good state for plaintiffs to bring a CFAA claim.

Is Texas a good state for a plaintiff to bring a Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) claim?

Yes it is, and a recent case reaffirms that the Federal District Courts in Texas are generally favorable jurisdictions for plaintiffs with CFAA claims because of two key issues, … 2,281 more words

Computer Fraud And Abuse Act

Information Security Issues

Computer fraud refers to stealing money or goods through the use of computers. This can be achieved by altering information , incorrect input of information and altering computer code. 47 more words