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Those Virtual Villagers

I love and hate those Virtual Villager games that the company Last Day of Work, LLC make. Their are about four games in all in the series with each having a different story and puzzle the player must figure out before their entire village dies from hunger or disease. 292 more words


King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella

From the flourish of horns in the opening bars to the nearly ten minute opening there’s a sense of something¬†big about King’s Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella… 872 more words


This Real-Life Game Of FIFA Is The Most Awesome Video You'll See Today

If you’re a FIFA computer game fan then you’ll absolutely love this video.

Created by filmmaker Marius Hjerpseth, this video is over four minutes of absolute gold. 55 more words


What's really real? (warning: video of person being shot)

Violent video games haven’t been around that long, yet they’ve picked up a reputation for making violent people. compared to reading a book, where you’re limited by your imagination, and every person has a different view on what they’ve read – just because it says the person dies, you base the image on what you’ve seen before – a video game leaves nothing to the imagination. 728 more words


Review: "Duke Nukem 64 Mod" (Mod For the PC version of "Duke Nukem 3D")

I’ve played a few versions of “Duke Nukem 3D” over the years (on the PC, The Playstation and the Gameboy Advance) but, despite having a Nintendo 64 when I was younger, I’ve never had a chance to play the N64 version of “Duke 3D”. 1,498 more words


New Release: Version 12

Version 12 of Tracks, Turrets, Armor, and Attitude is now available.¬† The User Interface has been improved; it’s much easier to click on and select fast-moving tanks.¬† 293 more words


Re-Dragon Age: Haven holidays (all dragons inclusive)

Tea: Just water

Demons defeated and mages enlisted, it was time for our heroes to do an Indiana Jones and find Dragon Age’s equivalent of the holy grail, Andraste’s ashes. 1,267 more words

The Witterings Of Bloodied