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The Sims 4- Thoughts

I know I’m a bit late, considering TS4 has been out since early September and I’ve actually had it since middle of September.  But I figure with the newest patch and content that came out and with the announcement of the first new content for purchase that will be out, thought I might as well through up my thoughts on the game as a whole. 393 more words


Kerbal Space Program - Review

Location: Kerbin Space Center Launchpad, Kerbin.
Date: 16/12/2014
Time: T- 00:00:00

I’m sure that at least one point in our lives, we’ve all looked at the moon and gazed upon it with wonder and amazement. 878 more words

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Is it possible to become addicted to video games?

Introduction to my advice.

Addiction to computer games, as well as from the computer and the Internet is classified as diseases. Research in the direction of this type of abuse is ongoing. 304 more words

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Review: "Redneck Rampage" (Computer Game)

A few weeks ago, I was clearing some space on my hard drive when, to my surprise, I noticed that I still had a copy of “Redneck Rampage” installed on there. 1,143 more words


Crowdfunding projects: a children's book and computer game

Ever since my book project was funded on Kickstarter (almost exactly a year ago now), I try to keep an eye out (pun intended) for other crowdfunded projects that would be of interest to our community. 259 more words

Toddlers With Glasses

Film: Gamer – “This is unbelievable! Why am I not dead yet?”

It isn’t a good start when you have a vague feeling that you might have seen a film but aren’t actually sure… and this feeling lasts all the way to the end of the film. 289 more words

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49: The Sims Dream

The Sims is a popular computer game where one can create characters or “Sims” give them traits and wishes, build their homes, and live out alternate lives. 207 more words