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Why CG artists should learn to program

More and more often, online articles say the same thing: it’s time to learn how to program. All of the good jobs are in tech. Being unable to program will be akin to being illiterate soon. 530 more words

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Are You Plugged In?

One sign of getting older is that I seem to notice things I’ve never noticed before. I don’t know if it’s just swishing around past my prime, or rather just starting out in my prime, but I smell things no one else smells, hear things no one else hears, and notice actors and actresses being recycled through the years from one movie to another. 698 more words

Film of 2014 thus far

Since I mainly review from DVD there is still quite a way to go, but of those I have seen, here is my preliminary film of the year, 54 more words

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The Maze Runner

This science fiction tale for young adults and teenagers expects us to consider a crude explanation as to why a group of young men and a young woman are stuck in a ‘community’ where a dangerous maze is the only way out. 237 more words

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Originally Written:  MAY 20, 2013

“First, I want to say that I’ve edited my first two posts, mostly for spelling mistakes and to add tags, so the dates and times may be funky….that will probably happen alot, because I was an English major in college (go me and my half of an associates degree! 394 more words

The Giver

The Giver gets the atmosphere of cult-like places down pat. It’s creepy, unrelenting and riddled with bound to trip you up rules. Someone will get egg on their faces. 274 more words

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Into the Storm

Life as usual for the inhabitants of Silverton: school, work, and storm chasing. A big storm’s coming, but as the storm unfolds, there are more than your usual surprises. 205 more words

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