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Of course it is not like painting on a canvas, or pastel on paper, you don’t get this particular feeling, but somehow moving the pixels around with the stylus is kind of fun to watch, and you get some freedom of changing, adding, the result is immediate, so another computer sketch, something tells me that one day it will be a painting or a pastel… 183 more words


Advanced Octrees 3: non-static Octrees

Welcome to the third part of the Advanced Octrees series. Make sure you’ve also read part one and two. Typically, Octrees are constructed once for geometry which is known a priori and doesn’t change anymore (e.g. 733 more words

Computer Graphics

Yes, feels like Christmas again, I know it is not here yet but my graphic tablet is….in fact I got it on Monday, installed it that night, seems to work fine, after a few set up, did not have much time doing anything with it, Tuesday night got ready…and nothing was working, at least not fully, menus did not show, the stylus was working although…same on Wednesday night, did wrote the company service on Tuesday, but no solution so far, then looking up some sites on the net, I founded out that the wireless module and battery cause a lot of similar problems to different users, so as suggested I took off these modules and it was back to normal…and got the occasion to finally try it a bit more extensively… 393 more words

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Fall 2014 - Term 1 Self-Evaluation

Yup, it’s that time again. Fill out the self-evaluation with specific examples. Have fun!

Fall 2014 – Term 1 Self-Evaluation

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Iray Shading & Lighting Sequence |Logitech Unifying Receiver|

Primarily for the purpose of furthering my understanding of NVIDIA Iray (specifically within Autodesk 3ds Max) I began this quick project – about two days in total – from model to render to comp/edit. 199 more words

Computer Graphics