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Can Never Do Without You

Sage Indigo, Can Never Do Without You, 2014


Chris Jones: The New 4th Dimension in Computer Graphic Realism

Chris Jones is a graphic artist who is paving a new path in 4D computer graphic (CG) realism.

Look at the head at left.  This is “Ed”.   541 more words

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Self Portrait

For this we experimented with image tracing. The option for the picture above was 6 color, but we messed around with selecting same colors and like objects in order to change specific parts about the picture if we wanted to.

Computer Graphics

Graph tool

Learned how to use the graph tool to turn boring old information into fun art, whether that means changing the colors of the bars, making a pie graph into an ice cream cone, or using symbols to show a different way to convey information. 14 more words

Computer Graphics

Exercise 02

This exercise tested us on our ability to use gradients. The pen tool and shapes were used to make most of the objects, while gradients were used to fill them. 50 more words

Computer Graphics

Olympic Rings

This was an introduction to pathfinder. Placing circles inside of circles and using pathfinder to exclude, unite, and merge the circles to form the olympic rings.

Computer Graphics

Horned Frog

This was our introduction to the pen tool and tracing. We traced the Horned Frog logo by placing the original image and making it a template. 24 more words

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