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GSoC 2014 with Vispy

My proposal for Vispy (participating under the umbrella of Python Software Foundation) has been accepted for this year’s edition of Google Summer of Code. Here’s my proposal -¬† 81 more words

Computer Graphics

New OpenGL features in Qt5.0

Qt5 introduces better support for OpenGL from the QPA/Lighthouse abstraction, through a new set of OpenGL classes up to QtQuick 2 and Qt3D. OpenGL is also very often used for games and as the central content widget in desktop applications.

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More Computer Graphics - Assignment part 1

This post should’ve come out last week, but due to a holiday, i only had the time now.

I have an assignment from Computer Graphics: To build a “robot hand” in 3D. 100 more words


Build Photon Maps of Surface and Volume for Indirect Illumination

As described in Volume Photon Map, three types of photon maps are presented¬†to compute indirect illumination in scenes with participating media: regular, caustic… 202 more words

Computer Graphics


I am not trained in the field of Computer Graphics. I do a lot of simple graphics using my computer that are very quickly and easily done on an old non-vector graphics program. 416 more words

Castle Life

Fool Me Twice


This post talk about a paper “Fool ME Twice: Exploring and Exploiting Error Tollerance in Physics Based Animation” , SIGGRAPH 2010. This paper is centered around taking advantage of gaps in human visual perception model to generate ‘Physics based Animations having low accuracy, such that , we human can’t detect the inaccuracy in the animation. 149 more words


Computer Graphics Mini Project.

Hello Everyone..

As I am in 6th semester of computer science engineering under VTU, I have to prepare and submit a mini-project on the things I learn from computer graphics theory subject. 604 more words

6th Semester