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Virtuous Corruption

From the zone5 archives:
First published May 6th 2011 on the my old and now defunct zone5 blog.
Following on from the last post on the “97% consensus” this book also had an interesting discussion on the earlier study by Oreskes…
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Climate Change

How climate science models are validated

Mathematical and computer models are wonderful tools. Once they can be validated they are powerful methods of interpolation. They are useful methods of improving the understanding embodied in the models by extrapolation. 166 more words


Why 'Deniers' are Always Wrong - Models can't be falsified

Story submitted by Eric Worrall

How do we prove climate alarmists are wrong? Let us count the ways
If the temperature goes up, this is just what the models predicted – watch out because … 211 more words

Climate News

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An amusing example of how any weather phenomenon at all proves the global warming models must be right.


A couple of weeks ago I was in Trier on the invitation of Prof. Christoph Schaefer to give a paper in a series on ‘Connecting the Ancient World: Mediterranean shipping, maritime networks and their impact’ – a series that I really wish I’d heard the rest of, but will just have to wait for the publication. 1,127 more words


Tracking phosphorus from farm to lake: a wicked problem

Post by Melissa Motew

When it comes to lake water quality here in the Yahara, former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk may have said it best when she identified phosphorus as “public enemy number one.”  As many people in the watershed are aware, the primary culprit causing eutrophication in the Yahara lakes and rivers is phosphorus, a nutrient that is necessary for plant growth (and, thus, agriculture), but can be harmful to natural systems when in excess. 544 more words

German Scientists: "Only 'mysterious' government computer models show rises in sea levels.

No Human-caused Sea Level Rise Say German Scientists

Ice Cap — July 25, 2014

German scientists show that constant alarmist messages about dramatic and dangerously rising sea levels cannot be confirmed by raw tidal measurements.

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