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Will a return of rising temperatures validate the IPCC's climate models?

Summary: The pause in temperatures since roughly 2000 has become the hot topic in both climate science and climate politics. While scientists study its causes and estimate its duration, activists on both sides use it to work their tribes. 4,113 more words

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LOCAL VIEW ---Thanksgiving storms---Calgary and Boston

Temperatures have risen overnight, as we get a brief breather from winter weather. As the cold high pressure sags out to sea to our south milder air is swung north on its west side and east over its top, and it is ten degrees warmer in Northern Vermont than down in Virginia. 637 more words

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Amazing Greenhouse Gas Simulation from NASA

Take a look at this amazing simulation of how carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide gases change in volume and move through the atmosphere over time. 431 more words

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Our Creator created a Creation full of beautiful nuance we take for granted. Only when we try to paint it on canvas, or describe it with writing, or portray it with a computer model, do we become aware how wonderfully complex quite ordinary events are. 771 more words

Arctic Sea Ice


Check out what has been happening to the arctic temperatures north of 80 degrees latitude, the past few days:

In terms of politics, this twitch of a graph makes those banking on Global Warming wear dour expressions, like a soul chewing garlic, as the elation of being “above normal” has crashed to “below.” 668 more words

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