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Recently, we have encountered some computer problems. Our computer started doing strange things and ultimately needed to be brought in for a complete overhaul. It started with the screen, then the mouse went crazy, the printer next, our internet connection was lost, and finally the hard drive.

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It Must Be a Full Moon

What is the reason for craziness happening at full moon time?  No one knows, but medical professionals, in particular, can attest there is something to the “theory” of full moon lunacy.  438 more words

Christian Life

Gosh, I am quite annoyed.

So, like. Apple store said my computer was all fine and dandy. I got the little MacPoop fixed up, hundred odd dollars for a new battery and a shoe shine and like. 507 more words

I’m back!

Happy Sunday!

Don’t you just love computer problems? My computer crashed (thank goodness for external hard drives) and it took a while to get things back on track, but now I’m back and ready to get this blogging thing underway. 55 more words


Computer On The Fritz

February 22, 2007

…rodent problems…

I’ve been dealing with a rodent problem this week at my house. I didn’t even know I had a rodent problem until I hauled my computer into the shop on Monday. 448 more words

Dennis Jones

The Traumatic Death of My Laptop

It is a well known fact in the fam-bam that I have a slightly defective laptop. I got the thing a few years ago before I started my junior year of high school, because I was transferring to a boarding school that required all students to have a laptop (specifically Apple, but that rule was highly flexible for the plethora of international students…and day students…and sometimes the national boarding students… Really, who were admin trying to fool? 1,381 more words

Unforgettable Characters

Well, this week I dropped off my old laptop at my grandmother’s neighbor. It is the computer Amethyst Epiphany and the first eight chapters of  337 more words