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Start Programming in Python

Start Programming in  5 STEPS WITH   PYTHON 

Part 1 of 5: Installing Python (Windows)

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    Download Python for Windows systems. The Windows Python interpreter can be downloaded for free from the Python website.

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Computer Programming

Code Editing

“There is no great writing; only great re-writing.” (Some say Michael Crichton gave us that jewel; I still don’t know.)

I think of writing code much like I think about writing.

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Computer Programming

The Algo that Couldn't Count

This is the first in MKTSTK’s HFT War Stories series. Submitted anonymously by a high frequency trader. Names of people, places, and products have been omitted: 870 more words


November 19, 2014: Grant

Computer programming is a super power. At the beginning of this semester, I was slightly reluctant to add it to my list of classes, but now I have taken off with it. 190 more words

Computer Programming

Downloading EIA's data with Python

Below is a snippet to download the many data sets available on the US DoE‘s website (www.eia.gov).

Required user’s inputs are a  423 more words

Computer Programming

Computer Programming and It's Process

Computer Programming is nowadays most popular profession. It is a process to go through executable programs ahead from an original formulation of a computing problem. Programming language, an artificial language is actually created to get instructions from a user and then give an output regards on the instruction. 204 more words

Computer Programming

Codecademy: Teaching Me Some CSS

This week’s coding assignment was a piece of cake! Since I have some (fragmented) experience with HTML, but haven’t done CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) before, I decided to give it a try. 126 more words

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