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128-Bit AES: Rijndael

Introduction to AES

This tutorial will introduce the AES Cryptosystem. Both theory and implementation will be provided. While many versions of AES exist, this tutorial will cover the original 128-bit AES Cryptosystem, also known as Rijndael. 5,376 more words


Coding: Where's a Girl to Start?

As a relatively new coder myself, I know just how overwhelming the whole thing can feel. It wasn’t long ago (at all) that I felt like I was standing at the base of a mountain, staring up and having trouble imagining that I’d ever reach the top. 489 more words

Why Electronic Voting is a BAD Idea Voting is centuries old,...

Why Electronic Voting is a BAD Idea

Voting is centuries old, why can’t we move with the times and use our phones, tablets and computers? Tom Scott lays out why e-voting is such a bad idea.

By: Computerphile.

STEM Apple Learning Tours on Maui

Discover how Macs, iPads, Digital Content, and Apps can enhance STEM education!

Two opportunities on February 10th!

Download the Flyers for:

2/10 8:30 – 11:30 am  Pomaikai El Rm B205… 32 more words


Algorithm Analysis -- Mr.Ree

Algorithm Analysis: (Asymptotic Analysis)


Growth rate: the rate at which the cost of an algorithm grows as the size of its input grows;

Upper bound and Lower bound for a growth rate; 1,585 more words

Computer Science

Enjoying the Process (most definitely not an annual report)

One of the reasons that I’ve been a bit quiet here lately is that I had some grand idea forming in my head that I would start a tradition of an annual report on my reboot process by going back and pulling up my initial objectives and examining progress on each one… 897 more words

Mental Reboot

Google translate now available in Malagasy

Good news, if it can be said, for my fellow Malagasy citizens: Since 6th of December 2014, Google Translate now allows them to see almost any web page… 608 more words