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Book, screen or e-reader?

As I scrolled down the page I became conscious that I was doing exactly the thing I was researching. My ‘normal’ concentration and attention to words, born of my lifelong love for seeing them unfold on paper, was wandering off and bouncing around. 990 more words


Bye old monitor

Went and left the old monitor for recycling today.

It belonged to the first computer I ever played games on. Nostalgic me weeps a little, but reasonable me says it’s too heavy, too old, and I have no place to store it for nostalgia.


How To Replace A Broken Computer Screen

My cousin needed to make a tutorial on how to replace a broken computer screen and asked me to help so, of course, I did. My camera ran out of battery life half way through making the video so, as you can tell, some of the shots are shot on my cousins old camcorder and others are reversed. 8 more words