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REPOST: In the future, screens may correct your eyesight problems, not glasses

It’s been said that staring too long at the screen of a computer results to bad eyesight but this article from Digitaltrends.com talks about a study a team of scientists at the University of California are doing to develop a kind of screen technology that does the opposite. 419 more words

Computer Vision Syndrome May Tire Your Eyes

By Dr. Brian McDonough, Medical Editor

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - This is a frightening statistic: the average US adult spends 8 and a half hours a day staring at screens. 108 more words

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Fun fact about reading on the computer screen

You read about. 25% slower on a computer screen than you would if you were reading on paper.

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Must have productivity Apps

Cell phones have become something more than a device for making and receiving calls. It has gone way ahead from the stone-age when it could just calculate, ring alarms with sudden loud tones that gave us palpitations all day long. 1,232 more words


The technology debate

Watch a rather moving commentary on the “evils” of technology by Gary Turk below. Ironically it’s had 42.5 million views on YouTube. Then watch the two clever parodies. 10 more words

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Why is Ergonomics Important for You?

Ergonomics is a science that studies how to adjust the relationship between human beings and their environment, according to the official definition of the International Ergonomics Association, or IEA, adopted in August 2000. 306 more words