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Healthy Eye Sight in The Office

Mr Sharma has set out his top five tips to remain a healthy sight when working in an office environment.

1. Take short breaks from your computer screen every 10-15 minutes. 82 more words


Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Why are you here?

I want to tell you something.

What is that?

You can’t go on WordPress. You can’t look at the computer screen. 6 more words

Ocean's Call

I choose to paddle down crashing rapids, disemboweled reserves from feeding aquifers, with eyes wide open,┬átumbling and swaying erratically downstream, riding waves which reverberate against towering digital walls built upon a foundation of discipline and conviction: the screens of which I gaze daily, where I am constantly exposed to the emitting blue glow which is accented by white streaks, reminiscent of waves crashing on an beach and when I am left detached, subconsciously buying body wash composed of ocean fragrance, I then try not to “lose it” by laying down in the shower, sifting through racing/spacing/evocative/provocative thoughts for abstract memories of the Ocean’s Call, where… 141 more words