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The ABC of computer security: Physical Access to a Computer and Data (Part 2)

We continue our series of articles on COMPUTER security. Today we offer the second part of the article “Physical Access to a Computer and Data”. 1,104 more words


Ravi Namboori : A basic database SCRUD class using abstract and generic modifiers


SCRUD is short for Select, Create, Read, Update and Delete. These are the general actions that any program will perform when working with databases. Yes, there are plenty of ORM applications ( … 253 more words

Ravi Namboori Entrepreneur

How Secure Is Your Password?

One of the biggest security issues people face is coming up with a password that is difficult to crack. I, for one, find myself struggling to come up with the “perfect”, uncrackable password whenever I need to change mines. 328 more words

Computer Security

Cyber warfare needs a 'Geneva Convention': Israel's Space Agency chairman

By Kevin Kwang POSTED: 17 Oct 2014 20:48 UPDATED: 17 Oct 2014

Professor Isaac Ben-Israel, Chairman of the Israel Space Agency and Israel National Council for Research and Development, says it may be years yet before rules governing… 700 more words

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Hacking Into Tutorial III: Getting Started on Wi-Fi Hacking

Hello again to another Hacking Intro Tutorial.

Last tutorial we covered the Command Line Interface and went into the basics of the Kali Linux Terminal. We will soon be going into the ways you can exploit network vulnerabilities.  455 more words

Computer Security

Computer Security

Computer security or cybersecurity involves safeguarding computing devices and networks from theft of data stored and accessed by them or any other risks.

Computer security is very vital as security threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated even as technology continues to advance. 233 more words