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SSL/TLS scanning and problems in sslyze (2)

Continuing the previous post.

Another problem that people might need to know is that the memory consumption in sslyze. The memory consumption is huge when scanning thousands of servers, and you won’t be able to run hundreds of thousands of hosts at one time, ’cause the memory will be sky rocketed. 115 more words

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Oh, sweet-page.com, how sweet are you?

Sweet-page.com, also known as Sweet page, is a search engine, and this search provider is promoted by a browser hijacker. The search engine has changes since the beginning of the year 2014. 505 more words


Windows Update Issues

Windows updates are very important for the smooth functioning of your Windows operating system. According to Microsoft live chat support, it is important to check for Windows updates regularly, download them and install them on your computer. 357 more words


A Look Back: The Target Hackers

During the holidays last year, Target was struck by a group of hackers that stole over $200 million in credit from Target customers. Not only this breach in security cost Target millions of dollars, it also cost them the trust of their customers. 316 more words

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Losing the Cyber War: How to Get Out of the Box and Win

by Stephen Bryen

The United States is losing the cyber war.  Despite hugely increased expenditures on cyber security, every day the situation worsens and we continue to fall behind.   1,150 more words

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Cracking AT&T WPA2 - Building a Linux VM

So I want to crack WPA2, where do I start? Before you start complaining and posting nasty comments at the end of this blog entry, I will remind you to read my post “ 736 more words


FREE SafeHouse Explorer - An Excellent Alternative Replacement To TrueCrypt

As a geek who has a passion for software, I often get on these kicks where I will focus on one particular software category. Lately, with all the news of various cloud based services being compromised, I started on the hunt for some good file/folder encryption software. 544 more words