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Dissecting TLS Client Hello Message

In the previous post, I discussed about how TLS session is established. In the course, I also introduced to various sub-protocols involved in TLS protocol. 1,018 more words

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The Internet of Everything  – Here Come The hackers

Just because you can does not mean you should, especially if you don’t do it well. What am I talking about? The Internet of Everything (IoE)  – connecting the unconnected. 486 more words

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Things to do if your internet is down

1) Play Games and Listen to Music:
People Normally tend to Play games while Thier Internet is down, but if you play games online, then Thats an issue for you. 364 more words

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Can Mark Cuban's Cyber Dust Help Protect Proprietary Information?

Cyber Dust is an app that lets users send text messages without leaving a digital fingerprint. All texts “self destruct” within 30 seconds, after which they are not stored anywhere — including on Cyber Dust’s servers. 367 more words

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Apple documents previously undocumented services that can leak user data

Apple documents previously undocumented services that can leak user data | Ars Technica.

Wow! Huge bombshell! When I first heard that a security researcher revealed that all iOS devices had secret services which served as a backdoor to YOUR data running; I took it with a grain of salt. 179 more words


Computer Scam!

I spent yesterday helping a client who had received a telephone call, supposedly from Microsoft – Microsoft has NOTHING to do with this kind of thing – claiming that her computer had a virus and was leaking information to the internet. 499 more words