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Want to Remove Search.surfcanyon.com? How to Terminate Surf Canyon Extension?

Do you have the same problem like this: How do I get rid of surf canyon in add ons when there is no “remove” option? I’ve disabled it but it still pops up on my desktop. 304 more words

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How to Uninstall and Remove Windows Prime Accelerator Program - Rogue Program Removal Help

Windows Prime Accelerator is a rogue program that claims to be able to protect computers like an Antispyware program. However, according to the research on the real performance of Windows Prime Accelerator, this program is detected and categorized into the FakeVimes family which is notorious for containing many rogue and fake security programs. 275 more words

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How The Heartbleed Bug Is Causing Heartache To The World Of Internet

Ever noticed the green lock that turns up to the extreme left of your browser when you access certain sites? That lock is used to denote the fact that the data that is sent between the server you’re accessing and your computer, is encrypted, and therefore believed to be safe. 701 more words


How to Remove BrowseMark Ads? Adware BrowseMark Popup Removal

BrowseMark Ads is causing more and more troubles to computer users that it installs unwanted extension in the browser and brings annoying advertisements and popups to interrupt the usage of web browser. 83 more words

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Get Infected with Win32:Aluroot-B [Rtk] Virus - How to Remove Win32:Aluroot-B [Rtk] Easily?

Are you in the trouble with Win32:Aluroot-B Trojan virus? Do you have difficulty on removing Win32:Aluroot-B infection completely? Do not worry. Let’s get to know more about this Trojan infection and then take effective approach to get rid of it once and for all. 239 more words

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HeartBleed Counter Attack Via Honey Pot Could Snag Hackers Who Compromised Millions Of Passwords

(CBS SF) — The hackers behind the HeartBleed security issue that compromised millions of passwords and affected an estimated two-thirds of “secure” websites around the world could be brought down by a simple and quaint-sounding trick being engineered at the University of Texas at Dallas — a special type of “honey pot.” 314 more words