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Getting rid of that old computer? If so, you need to Boot and Nuke It

If you are in a position where it is “out with the old computer” and “in with the new computer”, please keep in mind it is important to make sure that the data on the old computer is not compromised. 472 more words


Rango Windows Antivirus

Rango Win 8 Antivirus 2014 is a computer virus, which masquerades as genuine security software, while actually reporting non-existent malware threats in order to scare the user into paying $99,95 for this rogue security software. 252 more words


What can we learn from the Sony Hack?

The recent Sony hack should be a warning to all corporate entities operating in the world today.  Watch as the walls of this massive company come down and private correspondence of top level executives bleed onto the internet exposing not only their own trade secrets, but the trade secrets of other, equally powerful, studio entities working alongside them.  457 more words

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Freeware Browser Toolbars

Not all free browser toolbars available online are useful. Some of them are actually malware designed to infect your computer system. These malware toolbars slow it down. 496 more words


Terminate Known Malware Processes With RKill - Then Run Your Security Software

Did you ever wrestle with a Malware infection, think you have the PC cleaned; but, when you reboot the PC it comes back with a vengeance? 258 more words


Installing Veil Framework on Kali Linux

I have been notified that they are problems installing Veil Framework (AV bypass) in Kali using the apt-get install command. From the creator’s website it looks like the recommended install is to now clone Veil from the… 303 more words

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How to remove MyStartSearch permanently

MyStartSearch can be removed by removing the data from any browser you use like Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. However, as many of you would have realized it again takes over the browsers immediately after you re-start your PC or browser.

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