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The NY Times reports that the Chinese government has adopted a set of supposed cybersecurity regulations on western companies selling technology to banks. These requirements are so absurd that it would be impossible for companies like smartphone manufacturers to comply. 146 more words


A FREE Backup Software Solution For Computers At Home

What I have found (over the years) is that most folks, who own computers at home, do not back up their files. The reason, in most instances, is that folks feel it is beyond their level of comprehension and is a difficult task. 239 more words


Harnessing the Power of Unchecky

What is Unchecky and how can it help my clients?

Most of us are aware of a known phenomenon that affects all computer users, a phenomena which is almost always negative. 400 more words


Hacking Basics

The book I read to research this post was The Hacker’s Underground Handbook which is a very good book that I read at kindle unlimited. This is a kind of general guide to hacking and I think is mainly aimed at people like pen testers or white hat crackers. 215 more words


Daniel Therrien: Consumers care about how companies treat privacy

Imagine finding out that a stranger has received highly sensitive information about you because a company has sent your mail to the wrong person. Or asking to look at your own personal information for the sake of fixing a suspected error, only to be denied access to it by the company that collected it. 583 more words


Lizard Squad took down Facebook and Instagram! Believe it! Or not...

Facebook went down this morning, along with its cousin photo-sharing site Instagram.

If you’ve watched that movie called The Social Network, you’ll know that’s really not supposed to happen. 294 more words


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Facebook was down? I must have slept through it. Or was out walking... or something. Don't get me wrong, I'm on Facebook every day. Just not every minute of every day. Ha!

How NOT to get a computer virus

So, I wrote this a few years ago (geeze, like 5 maybe?) in response to people sharing a ‘THIS LINK IS A VIRUS! Don’t click it’ message as if this were news. 710 more words