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Anonymous announce revenge of TPB raids with cyberattacks against big corporations through #OpPirateBay....

The Anonymous, The Alchemist, The Right to Information and #OpPirateBay The hacktivist collective today took to Pastebin to announce their cyberwar against the big corporations, whom they alleged to have strong armed the Swedish police to raid The Pirate Bay data center in Nacka, Sweden.  185 more words

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At this point Rue may be crawling before he sits up. He will sit if he is in my lap but as soon as i try sit him on the ground he tries to reach for things and topples. 141 more words

Ransomware virus holds your files for ransom: How to protect yourself

WATCH: Vancouver law firms are warning about a new computer threat from ransomware. John Daly has more on how it works and why its so hard to trace. 450 more words


Hacker Attacks: Offensive Strategies and Defensive Guides to Protect Your Small Business

The recent Sony hacking incident has many of us worried about our own computer vulnerabilities.  This whole episode started as a ransomware attack and when they wouldn’t pay up, the criminals unleashed their fury, not by deleting all of their computer files as is the common assault, but by publishing embarrassing information and threatening harm to customers.   378 more words

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NB Power warns of telephone scam

New Brunswick — Residents of New Brunswick are being warned of a phone scam that is preying upon the population’s gullibility. NB Power has received complaints from customers saying that they have received phone calls from people falsely identifying themselves as customer service representatives of the company, demanding customers make an immediate payment or have their power disconnected. 488 more words


You could have a virus if you visited HuffPo or any of these other popular sites

ATLANTA — If you visited the popular The Huffington Post website in the past week, you could have caught a virus, thanks to infected third-party online advertisements. 122 more words


Did you visit Huffington Post last week? You might have a virus

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — This past week, The Huffington Post and several major websites displayed malware-laced advertisements that infected computers and locked them down.

The cyberattack and extortion campaign was discovered by researchers at cybersecurity firm Cyphort. 630 more words