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Q28. Define Computer Virus.

Q28. Define Computer Virus.

Ans. A software program having the ability to make copies of itself, which attach themselves to other applications or files.

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Three Warning Signs That Email Is Malicious, by Ian Paul, PC World


Email spam filtering is far better than it used to be. There was a time when nearly every scam email would land in your inbox.

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Legal Technology

A Trojan Horse Tramples Over Our Lives

Squally showers rained down on us all as we moved down to Esperance, a town known as the entry to the Goldfields. The place is ridiculously charming with great beaches and strange monuments although you would need to be a trained mountain climber to get up and down the cliffs on many of the beaches and the monument, a mad replica of Stonehenge, seems to be made out of grey plastic and looks like something stolen off the set of Spinal Tap. 984 more words

2014 Threat Report

This is a detailed report i compiled based on this years reported figures of the top ten threats to be detected on the internet. Before i give the link to the original PDF file i will give a brief rundown on what each threat does. 2,245 more words

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Beware Of A Microsoft Virus Scam In Connecticut

A possible phone scam is targeting people who own Microsoft-based computers.

A person in Southbury reported to police that he or she received a call from someone claiming to be an associate at Microsoft. 140 more words


Journal #25

The first draft of Brink¬†(Ruin Saga #2)¬†passed the 60,000 word mark yesterday. That puts me at around halfway through my projected manuscript length, and I’m pleased with the time. 332 more words


UPS Stores Hit By Computer Virus, Cherry Hill One Of Them

By Jim Donovan

Some customers of The UPS Store may have had their credit and debit card information exposed by a computer virus found on systems at 51 stores in 24 states, including a store in Cherry Hill, New Jersey… 238 more words

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