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More on Heartbleed.

Heartbleed Security Flaw Got You Worried? Good., by Lee Rosen, Divorce Discourse


If I haven’t gotten your attention yet, more on Heartbleed. -CCE


Oh Joy. An Internet Threat. Here's Help With Your Passwords, Though!

The ‘Heartbleed Bug’  ….doesn’t it sound like ‘Heartbreak Beat’ from the Psychedelic Furs????   Or is that just me???

Trouble with this is …well, here..directly from heartbleed.com is the nature of the problem: 143 more words


The Heartbleed Security Flaw

I know these posts about hackers getting a hold of your data is starting to sound like a broken record however; another serious Internet security flaw has been discovered. 437 more words


Avoid Losing Your Data to Ransomware

In December, we wrote about the CryptoLocker virus: a nasty piece of work which, once it’s found its way onto your computer, encrypts all of your data and demands that a ransom be paid within three days or your data will be lost forever… 359 more words


Windows XP: The New Y2K?

This is an explanation I wrote about the end of support for Windows XP, and how, like Y2K, a lot of people are making a lot of money spreading FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) about Windows XP and the many, many machines still running it. 1,346 more words

Was YouTube just used to infect computers for large DDoS attack?

Evidence points towards YouTube being the “popular video-sharing site” that unwittingly helped hackers hijack 22,000 browsers on Wednesday to act as a bot-net for a large scale DDoS attack. 566 more words