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How-to install Windows 8 in dual boot on SSD HP desktop

Have been waiting until got the system settled, before writing a ‘how to.’ I really expected that installing an SSD drive with Windows 8 (8.1) – would be easier than this. 1,323 more words


replacing MSCONFIG

Ok so i’m trying to find out why startup is so bad in Windows 8.1. First off, i’m sure no one else would notice or be bothered. 667 more words


Switching to a Solid State Drive

so the world is set right again, have my Windows 8 back and functioning. though for some reason it rebooted itself while i was on the patio with my coffee. 1,207 more words


Display Res. values for Windows using ATI graphics

i seem to always have trouble with computer monitors and getting the right display properties. one big problem is that the resolution settings are saved and that the default setting is always the very highest that a monitor can perform. 634 more words

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Smarter Computing: new android apps worse than old

sometimes the older software is better. i know that part of the problem can be that specs change, and newer versions of google apps are built for better specs or geared on a higher level — so that they are boggy or unmanageable on older machines. 513 more words