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Windows 10 beta

Windows 10 beta has left their programmers sifting through hundreds, maybe thousands of suggestions and bug reports every day.

well looks like Microsoft listens after all — so they took out the ugly wallpapers and inserted nice scenery photos for the new Windows 10 build. 204 more words


Dear Windows this is no joke

i am going to throw a fit if you take away the control panel in favor of the “PC settings” app. PC Settings isn’t even stable and i am sick and tired of programmers working to push users into TYPING where they want to go. 204 more words

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How to quickly clean up Internet Explorer

there is a fast and easy way to clean out Internet Explorer. will erase all cookies and saved passwords as well as the cache — so you will need to enter passwords again when finished. 130 more words

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dawning of the age of disgruntled programming

so more and more, i feel like the victim of bad programming.  but where to begin?  first off, the new Bios standard, UEFI — is a nightmare of ineptitude. 680 more words