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Unencrypting a hard drive

So, the first call this morning, in the middle of cooking breakfast, was from a young fellow. “I pulled the hard drive out of a laptop and it’s asking for a password to get into it. 388 more words

The replacements

Hi! We heard your pee-cee broke.

It puffed blue and just went “croak”.

You have a warranty and it just woke,

We’re your pee-cee replacement folk. 149 more words

Peopley Story

Death Cab For SAO Theme!

You know this death cab song is taking way more time than it usually does for me to track drums. The ORIGINAL drums were pretty easy and repetitive throughout the song, but since my favorite part about record is creating the drums I always change everything and this is going to completely change the song. 61 more words


Mouth Piece

Hashem gave us so many things to test us on how we utilize them.

He gives us a mouth.

The purpose of the mouth may be to eat, 243 more words

How to wake a Bear up

Well I dont think there is any other way. Of course you may need coffee if your Bear is a coffee drinker. And within the genre I write, I am sure there are other ways to wake up Bears. ;D


"Squatch" Is Technologically Challenged!

Breaking story out of Reno Nevada. (story written by Fe02, of the G.P.I. news service)
Squatch, also known as RGCORROS, who just happens to be the author of this blog, was found today to be technologically challenged, when he suddenly found he had 1796 e-mails in his Gmail account. 806 more words


Planned Obsolescence

“Beauty lies in things that last for a long time”

An ironic quote, if I do say so myself. Most of the things manufactured nowadays are considered as things of beauty, however the manufacturer intentionally include the biggest flaw ever in their product.

384 more words