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Fairly Quiet Day and Night 7/30/2014

Its been a beautiful summer day.  It wasn’t too hot at least to me it wasn’t.  It is going to be a beautiful night as well.   434 more words


Broken keyboard, DIY and Search Engine Empowerment

Today I tried something new; I decided to repair my laptop keyboard myself.

I had been listening to music in the bathroom and accidentally splashed it…thankfully it didn’t short out. 247 more words


Safe Mode

Safe Mode is a troubleshooting option that limits Windows operation to basic functions. Safe Mode starts Windows with only core drivers and services. Safe Mode with Networking… 294 more words



On Sunday EJ drove me to Best Buy and bought me a new laptop. Among other things, it has a touch screen, Windows 8.1, and a wonderfully large 17.3 inch screen that I can see without squinting. 922 more words


A Neo-Luddite's Guide to the 21st Century

This was originally posted on Hellogiggles.com several months ago. But as I enjoyed writing it so much and find myself to be terribly amusing, I am reposting here. 1,517 more words


10 things You Can Say When Your Wife/Girlfriend Catches You Masturbating to Computer Porn

  1. “I was just checking on some flights.” (Not as effective when KY tube clearly visible)
  1. “I’m just putting the “hard” in hard-drive.”
  1. “I was just thinking about you.”
  2. 72 more words
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