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My Utopia: phones can track phone scammers

So, I received an interesting phone call yesterday. It was number 4 this week – by the same people.

It always starts the same:

‘Good morning madam, my name is Charlie and I am calling from the Telstra technical department about your internet connection’ 472 more words


The ritual of it all

It is Friday evening, 5pm. I arrived home from work about an hour earlier and DC has just come in from the library with Mrs. H. 957 more words


Communication & Network

 Communication                   Network

<>Process in which two or more computers                    <> Collection of computers and                     or devices transfer data,instructions                                       devices connected together  via            and information.                                                                                 communications devices and                                                                                                                                         transmission media. 47 more words

Resurrecting The Saints | Football Manager 2015 Walkthrough | S01E01

Welcome, this is the first time I have blogged on Football Manager I thought I should Introduce myself; My name is Tom and i’ve played Football Manager since I was 11 years old! 602 more words


Watch this amazing Anatomy of a computer weapon (virus) - Stuxnet

An infographic dismembering the nature and consequences of Stuxnet, the first weapon made totally out of code. This was delivered for Australian TV program Hungrybeast on Australia’s Abc1… 18 more words


How to store passwords in a database

1. Unencrypted


• Everyone who gets a peek at the file immediately knows how to login with as any user.
• Gives a clue on which sort of password a user seems to favour (Alfred and David might like dates, Eric Cleese likes Monty Python) 496 more words


Imagine Life without these Five Things

Life in 21st century is different and one can argue life in every century is different. So, what is this difference we are speaking of, is there any… 615 more words