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Who Needs Sleep Anyway?

Yep, this is yours truly holdin’ up the box that my new computer came in the other day. Thanks to my awesome brother, he got it for me for Christmas and gave it to me early, savin’ my sanity in the process. 367 more words


IT Management experience (1)

It all starts from a dark night.

I was attending a graduate school. My professor was maintaining a server room. One day, he told the four student of his: “The server room need to be maintained and updated. 92 more words

Chromebooks are getting Always-On Voice Recognition

The first generation Moto X was special in that it was the only device on the market with Always-On Voice Recognition. You could start giving it commands without ever touching it, which was pretty convenient. 136 more words

Company Announcement

Modify Keyboard layout in Linux Mint (include åÅ in German keyboard))

I am using German Keyboards on most of the computers I am using here in Sweden. I’m just used to that and the Swedish layout is even worse for coding… However for writing in Swedish I needed the å and Å characters. 165 more words


Blackberry phone that can self destruct ( Wish i could have one !) [FCC PICS ADDED]

For those paranoid about protecting their selfies, Boeing and Blackberry may have the ultimate handset.Designed for secure communication between governmental agencies and their contractors, the handset can self destruct if it is tampered with, destroying all the data on it.However, the phone is so secure that Boeing will only sell it to ‘approved’ purchasers… 479 more words


What is Ethical Hacking?

Definition of Hacking

” The term Hacking refers to an illegal act of gaining access to unauthorized network or computer”.


Search Engine:"Blacks in the World of Technology..."

In my journey to find other like minded people in technology; sometimes it seems you can’t find it by being a Googler.  To make it more plainer, I try to find tutorials and videos from Blacks/African Americans.  1,124 more words

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