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Bahrain human rights activist's years in jail for tweets

This video says about itself:

8 May 2012

In the fourth episode of The World Tomorrow Julian Assange speaks with two leading Arab revolutionaries in the middle of conflict, …

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Human Rights

Why can't we just get rid of computer viruses?

The 21st century is an age of fear and paranoia, and computer viruses are among the things that fuel this seemingly neverending fire. Computer viruses are one of the things I hate about the modern world. 376 more words


Edward Snowden interviewed about NSA spying

This video from the USA is called Snowden’s Wired interview, Super-techno RV, LED shower speaker – DT Daily (Aug 14).

By Thomas Gaist:

Snowden discusses US surveillance and cyber-warfare programs in interview with…

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Human Rights

After Michael Brown's death, anti-racist protest in Britain, USA

This video from the USA says about itself:

Was This Murdered Teen Throwing Gang Signs? #IfTheyGunnedMeDown

11 August 2014

“In the wake of the shooting death of Michael Brown…

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Human Rights

I am Mike Brown; Ferguson, USA people demand justice

This video is called Mike Brown Shooting: Seeking Justice For Black Missouri Teen Killed By Ferguson Police.

Ever since police killed unarmed teenager Michael Brown… 1,213 more words

Human Rights

Britons with depression not getting treatment

This video from New Zealand says about itself:

Can we use video games to treat depression?

17 April 2011

Ever wonder if gaming can be used as a therapy for young people with depression?

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