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I’ve regained control of my account, at least partial control, but only after having spent all day yesterday harassing the fine people responsible for restoring order in the world of social media. 319 more words


Bribery Talks - Skinner's Minority Report Pre-Cogs, via Nixon, are Still Attacking the U.S.A.


In 1956, Philip K. Dick wrote a story in which you were arrested based on “Pre-Cog” (psychic) predictions, made into a film in 2002.  Most likely, Dick had been influenced by the now-discredited mechanistic theories of B.F. 243 more words


Computers and the Science behind Them

This morning’s Washington Post had a front page article titled Students know computers, not the science behind them.  It touched on a sentiment I have had for several years.  476 more words


Um, is there Any Way to Undiscover this New Andy Warhol Art?

So, some uncatalogued works that Andy Warhol created on a probably-pretty-sweet-in-its-day Amiga computer were recently discovered on a bunch of old floppy disks. My question is, can we undiscover them somehow? 220 more words