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Official accounting for bad taste

The Facebook can count likes, but it takes two Secret Service agents to investigate sarcastic satire. Recall the rebel artist Sabo, well he caught the attention of the Secret Service with some tweets. 408 more words


Essential Things People Need to Learn About How to Remove Google Redirect Virus

If you are going through this concern, make sure to learn about how to remove Google redirect virus. The presence of this virus is truly a trouble since it is impossible for you to utilize your browser the way you want. 100 more words


No, I didn’t get frozen in ice.


*laughs at self*

Yes, it’s been a while since I posted. Thanks to my computer shutting down while updating, I have been stranded from the internet for… I’m not sure how long it’s been. 43 more words

Captain America


I’ve been trying to find a word that describes the process by which an application that used to be great goes downhill. It’s sort of like entropy. 674 more words


The Boxer

In again you come and I grit my teeth – the time of day!

Folding my underwear only to receive a sock round the earhole, 315 more words

Nvidia GTX 960?

A lot of rumors out there; but the one source that matters, Nvidia, has issued a big “No Comment”. Initial rumors had a 960 being released soon, but new rumors from Japan suggest quarter one 2015 at the soonest. 247 more words