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Can we be serious for a minute?

Personally, I don’t find this funny at all..

as I could tell you stories. (And, when you think on it, the reason “personal computers” became so popular in the first place was because they did away with White Out correcting fluid. 229 more words


Technology break

My kids balked at the thought. They were filled with panic….and then questions. How does one go without technology for a whole long weekend? And, why? 412 more words


Affluent More Likely To Use Digital Content

And the less affluent are more likely to use traditional media like radio and television.  This is a very bad omen for the future of advertising on traditional radio and television. 299 more words



Fractal I rendered on a computer several years ago.


Using Spell Checker to avoid the big 'boo-boos'!

Notes from Alexis: We live in such an easy world today of “plug and play” with our computers, what a pleasure. I also remember when I had to do all this with first an Apple and then with Dos computers. 897 more words


A Conversation with my Laptop

I was given a new laptop for Christmas – or at least, I thought it was new, since it turned out to be an old one covered in purple stickers. 433 more words

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Goldman on High Frequency Trading

There’s only one bank that’s come out publicly against high frequency trading, and that’s Goldman Sachs.

It’s not an easy thing to do. Banks work with high frequency trading firms to execute orders, they also have their own dark pools — private, anonymous exchanges that have become a part of the new market ecosystem synonymous with HFT. 484 more words

Wealth Creation