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What’s New in Version 4.00

Four (4) is an important number. It represents the seasons, the elements, and the amount of members in the Beatles.

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Old computers did it better

The moden era of computers has brought us things like facebook, ebay, nefilx, world of warcraft, broadband internet and more. But did anyone stop to ask what we have lost over the past 30 years… 231 more words

30 Yrs Of Change


If you follow my blog you will find when it comes to desktop computers I am a Microsoft Windows user and when it comes to smartphones and tablets I am a Google Android user. 526 more words


Learning the Code

We don’t often think about it because we aren’t taught to think in these terms, but much like computers we are instilled with programs throughout the years of our lives, starting from an early age. 194 more words

Interesting News

Who Needs Sleep Anyway?

Yep, this is yours truly holdin’ up the box that my new computer came in the other day. Thanks to my awesome brother, he got it for me for Christmas and gave it to me early, savin’ my sanity in the process. 367 more words


The New Facebook Section - George Would Be Proud

Those of you who purchased the George Hayduke books in the 1980’s before Paladin Press had their little “incident” will remember how much fun they were. 629 more words

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