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Cannot reset winsock, isatap yellow exclamation, no wireless or internet

Have a wireless card that doesn’t see the wireless?  Does checking the Device Manager show a yellow exclamation mark on the isatap or Teredo Tunneling Pseudo Interface? 390 more words


A New Direction

Okay, I’ve decided to take a new direction with this blog.  Actually, it’s not my idea but a challenge I am taking.

I have started a training course called The Quickstart Challenge.  513 more words


Simplenote revisions, you SAVED us!

Last week, I created a new item to document notes, ideas, and tasks for the move to our new place. I’ve shared it with Amy so she can refer and add to it. 61 more words


Hidden Subject

Looking through my latest pictures on my computer, I noticed a herron had decided to sneak into one of my test exposures. It was so dark outside that I never would have known he/she was so close to me (about 20 feet away) had I not taken this picture.


Geek Necessities

Apple, photography and coffee; need I say more?