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Compact Cameras: Diffraction Blur and Photon Noise

Why compact cameras will never be as good as “full frame” – How the Nature of Light affects the performance of digital cameras

Reducing the physical size of a camera, even if the total number of pixels is maintained, inevitably reduces the quality of the images because of two fundamental properties of light itself. 82 more words


Some People Can Not Be Blocked Hard Enough Or Fast Enough

Jesus, I hate trolls.

I just don’t get their mentality. If you don’t like someone, why go out of your way to be exposed to them through social media? 149 more words


Google Earth Professional Now FREE

If you enjoy Google Earth, then you will like the news that Google Earth Professional is now FREE. To read more about this, to download and to get your FREE registration key, … 132 more words


The pirate bay comes to life again .

The Pirate Bay made a defiant return Saturday, seven weeks after a police raid shut down the infamous file-sharing website.

The site, which allows users to download television shows, movies, games and other files, had been down since December 9. 281 more words


Broken key - common theme

So, the space bar on my keyboard is acting up. I will be typing along, and it will decide that it doesn’t want to work. And I’ll have to hammer on it a few times, to get it to work. 929 more words

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