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Heartbleed: Do NOT change your passwords until you have checked this

The website LastPass.com is now offering a service to tell you if a site is no longer affected by Heartbleed.

BEFORE you change your password, check that it is no longer affected on this website… 77 more words


How Heartbleed Works - A simple explanation

XKCD’s comic explains how the OpenSSL bug dubbed ‘Heartbleed’ works. The reason your passwords are no longer secure, is because that stuff highlighted in yellow is what the servers reply is and in the last case can contain anything…like your (or other people’s) password in plain text (unencrypted).


Last week of lectures

So we obviously had to have a Harvington household selfie to mark the moment.

Will miss living with these cheeky chaps!


How to Survive Working on Linux

Installing things via a terminal can confuse some people when they first try it. Here are my top tips on how to survive working on Linux: 130 more words


Yesterday, I learned a new and useful Evernote trick from science fiction writer and Evernote ambassador Jamie Todd Rubin.

The trick is from his article… 251 more words


Pointless Warnings from RPM

So essentially…

“You probably shouldn’t do this…but instead of giving you the option to end the process, we will do it regardless”

Thanks, Linux! :D