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Year 5 Digital art using @Photoshop

As part of the Computing Curriculum, Year 5 have been creating digital works of art using cameras and the iPad @Photoshop app Photoshop Touch. The children took their own photos and then edited them using the skills learnt in Computing lessons. 7 more words

Pupil Pages

Computing Notes 1.) fundamentals of a computer system

1.) Definitive the term, ‘computer system’

A computer can come in many different shapes and sizes and they are often built into other devices. a computer system is something that can take inputs, process them and then produce outputs… 405 more words


To R or to Python

It is a common question asked in data science or data analysis forums if one should use Python or R one’s data work. So far, I myself have managed not to learn Python. 206 more words


Adventures of a Programmer: Parser Writing Peril XXXX

The final[1] grammar together with the lexer. The whole file with a lot of comments is on Github. It is currently in one file for convenience but needs to be split into a lexer (Flex) and a parser (Bison) later. 582 more words


Young Entreprener - Game App Inventor

You can bring a horse to water and every now and then it will not only drink it, it will filter it, invent a better way to get it and possibly turn it to wine!   301 more words


The thing with app building

All our year 8 pupils are following a Computing program of study – all of key stage 3 in fact. Part of this for us is building apps with… 266 more words

WALT use Powerpoint

In Computing this week we are adding to our skills in word and learning how to put words and pictures.  First we looked at changing the theme to something we liked and that is suitable.  37 more words