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Ubuntu Linux 14.04 - Still Not Ready for Prime Time

Lord knows I love Linux, compared to M$ Windoze it’s a dream to use. But not to install. Still geeks only there I’m sad to report, at least for newest and supposedly most user-friendly Linux distro, Ubuntu. 421 more words

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From Berkeley Lab: "Discovery of New Semiconductor Holds Promise for 2D Physics and Electronics"

Berkeley Lab

March 20, 2014
Lynn Yarris (510) 486-5375 lcyarris@lbl.gov

From super-lubricants, to solar cells, to the fledgling technology of valleytronics, there is much to be excited about with the discovery of a unique new two-dimensional… 787 more words

Applied Research & Technology

Keeping Your Computer Updated

I recently bought a new computer; a desktop PC running Windows 8.1.

PC owners are continually being urged to keep their computers up-to-date. My new PC had already been set up to update Windows automatically, and I happily thought that my computer was therefore all right. 98 more words


The Digital Debate: Digitalisation in Education

Today, we’re straying slightly from the realm of publishing itself as we consider the digital revolution in the sphere of education. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the modern world is becoming increasingly reliant upon digital technologies. 522 more words

The Parallels Between Synthetic Biology and Personal Computing

Both synthetic biology and personal computing are informational sciences. They deal with the generation, storage, and transmission of information through the animate and the inanimate, respectively. 729 more words


Learn HEX with Candy crush Hacks (app game save mod)

Learning question

Why would apps data need to be editable?

kids love candy crush, what they don’t like as much is hexadecimal. This lesson was made to get them understanding how data is stored and how you can manipulate that data without hacking a game or jailbreaking. 266 more words

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My inner geek is feeling unloved and so I decided to relive the golden age of top-down RPG  goodness.

First of all I installed Icewind Dale (IWD) from CD to see what that was like – not very good so I went straight to Steam and bought the Enhanced Edition of Baldur’s Gate (BGEE) ¬†and Baldurs Gate II at the same time. 168 more words