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Recover delete files

Deleted files will be recovered if you are feeling that the file is crucial for you or if you are feeling that the deleted filed has got to be referred once more before it’s deleted for good. 542 more words


PC Memory are some things bothers you usually. If you’re a mean or moderate user and wish to play together with your computer or portable computer, now and then you are feeling, your machine is brief of memory. 280 more words


Why Android should be preferred over Windows?

This article is quite unique because it comes from a user who never owned an Android phone before and has been using Windows Phone for a long time. 600 more words


Sophisticated "Regin" Malware Targeting Government Computers!

Researchers at Symantec have identified what is believed to be one of the most sophisticated malicious programs to date. The program in question is so complex, its is believed that it may be the work of a national government or intelligence agency. 383 more words

Remote Control

The underlying theme of this project, as I’ve said before, is remote access or remote control of the radio.

One thing that was bugging me was the physical power supply to the SoftRock. 693 more words

Hidden Radio Rig

How to add Wordpress to BloGTK

This blog post describes how you would configure BloGTK to add your WordPress blog.

After you start BloGTK, click on the Settings button on the top toolbar. 91 more words


RemAud Server and elevated Tasks to overcome Microsoft UAC

After fine tuning VAC so the audio from the radio is available to Fldigi or whatever the chosen application is to decode digi-mode transmissions, there is still a need to be able to hear what is going on. 794 more words

Hidden Radio Rig