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Several techniques have been devised to penetrate computer systems. These includes: guessing passwords, exploiting software bugs, Trojan horses, buffer overflow attack, address spoofing, Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) cache poisoning, fake ICMP (Internet Control Management Protocol) or RIP(Routing Information Protocol) packets, SYN flooding, Ping of death, TCP session hijacking, UDP spoofing, Remote Procedure Calls, etc. 390 more words

Free Software

The book I read to research this post is The 2014 Guide To Free PC Software by Norman William Jordan which is an excellent book which I bought at kindle. 392 more words


My name is Pippin and I'll be your guide to Blogging!

Hello! My name is Pippin Grange and I’ll be your guide to the world of Blogging… For those of you that don’t know me, here I am. 171 more words


Ubuntu Linux 14.04 - Still Not Ready for Prime Time

Lord knows I love Linux, compared to M$ Windoze it’s a dream to use. But not to install. Still geeks-only there I’m sad to report, at least for newest and supposedly most user-friendly Linux distro, Ubuntu. 461 more words

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From Berkeley Lab: "Discovery of New Semiconductor Holds Promise for 2D Physics and Electronics"

Berkeley Lab

March 20, 2014
Lynn Yarris (510) 486-5375 lcyarris@lbl.gov

From super-lubricants, to solar cells, to the fledgling technology of valleytronics, there is much to be excited about with the discovery of a unique new two-dimensional… 787 more words

Applied Research & Technology

Keeping Your Computer Updated

I recently bought a new computer; a desktop PC running Windows 8.1.

PC owners are continually being urged to keep their computers up-to-date. My new PC had already been set up to update Windows automatically, and I happily thought that my computer was therefore all right. 98 more words


The Digital Debate: Digitalisation in Education

Today, we’re straying slightly from the realm of publishing itself as we consider the digital revolution in the sphere of education. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the modern world is becoming increasingly reliant upon digital technologies. 522 more words