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Git Basics, Part 2

As I talked about last week, git is a extremely powerful version control system, mainly used for archiving code. Lets start to understand git, by plunging in and creating our first repository! 715 more words


Iterative OLS Regression Using Gauss-Seidel

I just finished covering a few numerical techniques for solving systems of equations, which can be applied to find best-fit lines through a give set of data points. 331 more words

Computers in a Communist World, Part 2: The Personal Computer Revolution

When the terminals were first sold on the open market in the 1970’s very few people had any experience with them.  It was for that reason that the first buyers were organizations like hospitals or nonmilitary government bureaus (police, libraries, census bureau, congress, etc.).  477 more words

No, freezing eggs is not like Nazi Germany

Freezing Worker Eggs: Are Apple and Facebook Playing God? (Germany, France, Switzerland)

Over the past year and a half, as the scale of the global mass surveillance being pursued by the National Security Agency in collaboration with America’s tech giants has become clear, these corporations – Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft – have become objects of derision for Americans and people around the world.

318 more words

Disable Apps to Improve Performance

For several months now, I’ve been doing some fairly heavy duty calculations, finding roots of polynomials.  I got a new laptop, just for that purpose — it sits at home and crunches numbers. 234 more words


The future of virtual reality

I first covered this topic in 1991 or 1992, can’t recall, when we were playing with the Virtuality machines. I got a bit carried away, did the calculations on processing power requirements for decent images, and announced that VR would replace TV as our main entertainment by about 2000. 469 more words