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Users Sticking to Their Core Apps

Monthly # of App Downloads|Create Infographics

As media outlets attempt to broaden their digital presence, a recent report found that smartphone users are not downloading many apps per month, leaving these outlets questioning  how to engage with their mobile audience. 346 more words

Adam Lella

Still Want to Buy a Banner Ad?

Much has been written about the unprecedented rate of growth in digital media spending by advertisers.  But it pays to restate a few facts to help provide some context for this article:  414 more words

Digital Media

Let's Get Digital - MixxCanada Conference Fall 2014

I am going into my fourth week of school, our program strongly believes in seizing opportunities, #YOLO. We were informed our class would attend the International Advertising Bureau of Canada (IAB Canada) Mix Conference. 595 more words


The Consumer-led Revolution

How social and mobile media are shaking up retail.

By David Abney | UPS

It’s interesting how phrases from the pioneering days of the retail industry have stayed with us. 906 more words

UPS Initiatives

“We’re only in the second inning.”

Mobile commerce is big. But we’ve just scratched the surface.

By Alan Gershenhorn | UPS

To say that mobile has become big isn’t news anymore. With smartphones now packing as much processing power as the supercomputers of yore, mobile devices have become our phone, our watch, our camera, our TV – and increasingly, our wallets. 786 more words

UPS Executive

"Junglee is a neutral and unbiased platform, offering a single convenient place where customers can find virtually any product" - Mr. Mahendra Nerurkar, General Manager, Junglee.com

General Manager of Junglee.com Mahendra Nerurkar shares his views with technuter.com on Junglee App:
Could you please tell us about Junglee? 
We launched Junglee in Feb 2012 and since then it has grown dramatically. 15 more words