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Before They Were On 'How I Met Your Mother,' Neil Patrick Harris Got Naked With Josh Radnor On Stage

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Earlier in the month, we ran a story concerning Neil Patrick Harris’ nude scene from Gone Girl. He was pretty cool with people seeing him in the nip then, but it turns out he’s not willing let a peek turn into a full examination. 89 more words


Игромир на Первом 2

Продолжая обсуждение репортажа Аллы Михеевой, хотелось бы напомнить про принадлежность оного развлекательному формату. Известный за рубежом ведущий аналогичного late-night show “Conan” Конан О’Брайен проделал ту же работу, только посетил американскую E3 и рассказал про неё прежде всего американцам. Шутки получились спокойные, не злые и что важнее всего – действительно смешные.

А ещё среди всего возникшего шума полезным будет посмотреть, как такие репортажи делают игровые медиа, то есть геймеры-журналисты, свои люди. Например, отлично получилось у Ксюши Зануды из GmBox (правда там не про Игромир, а про Comic-Con).

Ссылка на репортаж GmBox.


iHeartRadio iPhone app updated w/ CarPlay support & Today widget

iHeartRadio, the Internet radio streaming app, is out with a new version for iPhone today adding a couple of new features for listeners. First up is support for Apple’s… 403 more words


Christian Bale Playing Apple's Founder Isn't The Steve Jobs Movie We Need, But It Is The One We Deserve

Just so everyone knows, this is actually happening. Bale is reportedly set to play Jobs in an upcoming biopic with director Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire, 28 Days Later, Trainspotting…etc) at the helm. 19 more words

In Shocking News, Kat Dennings Admits She Was A Goth Kid Growing Up

Look I suppose 2 Broke Girls is still on the air or something. That’s why Kat Dennings is on Conan dressed like a Saudi housewife while dropping revelations about her past left and right. 161 more words


Ahhhh... stop telling me how badass Chuck Norris is...

The only reason you think that is because he never went up against my buddy, Conan the Barbarian!


Andy Richter Has the Best Comeback to Chelsea Handler's Fat Joke

If you ever face fat-shaming from Chelsea Handler, take note. Comedians Andy Richter and Chelsea Handler went on “Conan” Tuesday night and participated in some hilarious banter. 96 more words

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