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Thủ phạm muốn huỷ cuộn băng này đi không phải vì trong này có quay được cảnh gì, mà là vì không quay được cảnh nào hết.

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Review: Detective Conan

YOU’RE THE CULPRIT!!! Just kidding. Or am I? Everybody knows about the dead body you hid at your backyard…… actually I wouldn’t know that…… but Conan would.


Conan Perform Residence By Moon Hoon by Interior Design Easy

Korean architectural practice Moon Hoon have designed the Conan Perform Property in Daejeon, South Korea. The central portion of the property is a spiral staircase close to which the other functional places this kind of as residing, kitchen and bedrooms are organized. 20 more words

Comic Review - Red Sonja #0

Publisher: Dynamite

Writer: Gail Simone

Artist: Noah Salonga

Release Date: July 2014

In this one shot issue we are introduced to the man who claims to be Red Sonja’s husband, Red Malak, who has run up debts in her name all across the land, and is using her notoriety to strengthen his own reputation and standing. 384 more words


D&D Next Presentation at Kaissa Café!

Though it does not probably concern anyone not in Greece, Maria and I are proud to spearhead (pun intended) the launch of D&D Next (or 5th Edition, as it will likely be inevitably known), today, at Kaissa Café. 55 more words


Happy Talk: The Origin Story

When I was young, going to school made me terribly anxious.  It may have been the math, the milk in bags at lunch (Milk should never be in bags!) or perhaps the classmate who ate my grape Lipsmackers, who knows, regardless come Sunday those butterflies in my stomach were getting quite a work out.  493 more words

Late Night Talk Show schedule--July 28 to August 1

Just a schedule of what’s happening on all your favorite late night talk shows! They are categorized by when they air. This schedule will be posted every Sunday. 281 more words