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Austrian Artifacts: From Concentration Camps to Contemporary Culture

Artifacts in the United States are valuable to the country, but they can only go back as far as the country does, which gives American art a short history. 970 more words


Entry 3: Chapter 2

The Jews were loaded onto trains and the train cars were crammed so much that not every one could sit down. These cars were fairly small since the Hungarian Police could only put 80 in each car. 651 more words

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History should not be forgotten…

Could you survive 10 years in a concentration camp?

‘Spark of life‘ is a 1952 novel by Erich Maria Remarque  (author of  the famous war novel ‘All quiet on the western front’)  and is a fictional documentary-style tale featuring prisoner number 509. 256 more words


Here Lived Herbert Frank: History, Art, and Memory

By James Marten

A few weeks ago I literally stumbled across some of the most moving historical monuments I’ve ever seen. I was attending a conference on the experiences of military veterans through the ages and around the world in Hamburg, Germany, where I stayed in a lovely late nineteenth century neighborhood unscarred by the massive bombing of this northern German port during the Second World War. 556 more words

My grandfather remembered on Veterans Day

My grandfather (affectionately called “Papa” by myself and my children) served in World War II and was awarded the Purple Heart. He had shrapnel from bullets lodged inside him till the day he died. 1,081 more words

Stolen Historical Memory

The infamous Nazi slogan “Arbeit Macht Frei” has been stolen from the former concentration camp Dachau in Germany.

Out of the 200,000 prisoners who were sent there, more than 25,000—including my grandfather—died. 364 more words