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Rake: the rash rebel

And here comes the second and last Wizards’ Duel’s playable character: Rake. As previously explained for our first PC Exekiel my rules are:

Concept Art


There won’t be many (i.e. there will be one) picture this week, because it’s reading week, and I’m currently separated from my scanner. However, do take note of all the 1940s guns in aforementioned picture, but because I spent about five seconds researching the different types and I need affirmation. 1,235 more words

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Differing perspectives

The next few posts will be the same subject handled in different ways:

The first entry is a my attempt at less graphic look and more of a painterly style

Concept Art

Dramas of the Writing Team

It seems the question I get asked the most when it comes to these projects is how we do it. How does it work, what exactly is the process, and how on earth do we keep it all 50/50? 434 more words

Writing Community

Concept Art: Morgan

I’m kicking off this blog with the first concept art I came up with. This is Morgan, the lead character from our upcoming comic, The Blood of the Land. 73 more words

Writing Community

BCW: Pickaxe Man's Spray Bottle

This is an appreciation post for the spray bottle I carefully and thoughtfully designed only to discover that no one would ever see the details because it shows up so darn small in the game (and only for split seconds at a time)

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ArtIdentity Crisis

I haven’t posted in so long.

Because of my identity crisis, my art identity.

I just don’t know what my style is, what I need to do to be successful in concept art. 48 more words