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The Capital of New Mexico Beers

I tried to brew beer once. I had a kit with instructions. Should have been easy. The instructions, however, were written with the experienced brewer in mind and left out some essential information. 329 more words


Futuristic Interior, sort of.

My firts attempt at drawing interiors.

After watching a tons of tutorial, crying over my favorite artist’s works it seems I can now draw something decent. 14 more words


Project Antharra - Adam Isailović aka Skaven Zverov

Welcome to the world of Antharra!

Thousands of Parsecs from our Solar system and Milky Way galaxy, lies medium sized spiral galaxy of Antharra. Its distinctive shape is easily recognized, and it’s envelope (outer disc ) is just over 25,000 Parsecs wide, while the central core, galaxy hub is somewhat small, around 1,500 Parsecs. 517 more words


Gameplay Premises Part 4 - Areas and Bosses

In part 3 the world was fleshed out as a dynamic place but was not given a context. Having terrains and hazards is good, but if not given a framework they can result in just a random bunch of mechanics without a direction. 323 more words

Concept Art

Tek Recon - Drone Concepts - 2014

The mobile game Tek-Recon was adding a single player mode to its game play. The concept involved creating flying 3D drones that would be used as targets to score points. 73 more words

New Splashscreens!

Hello everyone!

While we are still working in a lot of things there’s one particular element of our game that we’ve been dragging from the very beginning: The Splashscreens. 25 more words