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Self-Improvement eBooks - The Poor Man's Solution To Self Improvement

You can get information on virtually anything over the net. Be it about something as everyday as a recipe, or as exciting as the moon landings, it’s all there on the Internet. 482 more words

Self Improvement

Audi's prologue Concept Car

I just thought of something. Why did I say “Concept Car” in the title ? Obviously being from Audi, it’s a car.  Whatever.

Audi shows a new concept (car), expected to be the A9, and maybe possibly coming out in 2017. 60 more words

Neat Stuff

The Gods of Maroth. Part Two: Nemesor

Here’s an introduction to another of the six Gods of Maroth, Nemesor.


Dominion: The Hunt

Symbol: The Blood Drop

Champion: Silvarth Bloodmantle

Nemesor embodies every creatures primal instinct and need to survive; the desire to hunt. 101 more words

Are you educated or learned?

By Richard Kilonzo.

Being educated  and learned are tottaly different aspects but closely related. What do i mean?  Education is just the routinely the obvious thing  which everyone can do. 130 more words


Beauty in Shadows

Don’t think that you,

Aren’t Beautiful too!

You are Broken and Torn,

Beaten, Bruised and Worn.

Let the Light shine through,

And do not let go! 13 more words