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‎Monday, ‎March ‎17, ‎2014

Concept Ideas

Okay, so I’m having a hard time coming up with ideas for this project, but I thought I would throw out what I have so far to see what ideas were best.  247 more words


**.!*Art and Animation*!.**

Animation is a subject of great interest for me due to the influential nature of the media it encompasses. In animation I aspire to develop works that pay mind to the diverse spectrum of diversities, orientations, and genders that are often excluded from public view. 106 more words


صورة تشويقية تطلقها لنكولون لمفهومية جديدة

صورة تشويقية اطلقتها Lincoln على حسابها في تويتر لسيارة يعتقد بأنها لمفهومية MKX تنوي الكشف عنها في معرض بجين للسيارات قريباً .


Cover Ideas

I want something that is related to football, obviously, but I am unsure what. I’ve done a few mockups and will decide on which fits best soon. 100 more words

Primary Research

Soto Concept : Honda CS150 Custom

Balik lagi ngracik soto CS1 neh, jangan bosan-bosan yak. Masaknya kali ini dengan menu bersahabat alias ga usah pake USD-USD an sederhana saja. CS1 rasa mesin CB150SF dan bodi custom sana-sini. 28 more words