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DIY Cat Hammock Concept For Crafters, Recycling For Pet Furnishings Design by Catalog Wishes

Recycling wood pieces and ropes for a bat hammock bed is a clever and simple craft thought that create a comfy and special pet furniture item. 43 more words




The concept of my mockumentary will be about a group of keen filming students (my team and I) who decide to explore further into the laws of superstition by experimenting them and challenging their existence. 357 more words


Editied Concept and changes

Final concept + changes
We will use videos and footage such as bill hicks shown in our opening scene as well as interviews with the corporate side of music (Times fm) and the art side (Kora) to question and discuss the idea of music as an art form or if its only about image and money. 586 more words


Old Concepts 1 &2

Brief Concept #1
Using media and tv footage, videos and audio clips to show the audience how modern day music is made, thought of and compared to other generations music. 1,245 more words

Is this the sexiest Saab ever?

Others may have seen this before but I haven’t, and I’ve fallen in love. This has got to be the sexiest Saab I’ve ever seen. Just spotted it over on the excellent… 29 more words


Break Free by Ruby Rose

Song is amazing, video is good in the aim of making a statement.
“Model and DJ Ruby Rose has released an incredible short film that explores the fluidity of the way humans embody concepts of gender.” 66 more words