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Many of Angka Utama’s cars are like the Elves, complex and small. The Toscana is a good example of this, including a drop down rear engine. 76 more words


wine - 2010 Cain Vineyard & Winery Cain Concept The Benchland


Final-Minute Halloween Costume Concept: I’m Miss World (or The Live Via This Cover Art) by Chic Decorations

For much better or worse, the ’90s are back.
On the a single hand, I’m hoping this does not mean the reincarnation of lumber jack boots (NOOOOO!). 42 more words

Creative Small Bathroom Vanity Chair Design With Inspirational Concept

Creative Small Bathroom Vanity Chair Design With Inspirational Concept
Today we will speak about this bathroom chairs, is this a minimalist bathroom suitable with your desire? 26 more words

Women Ideas

Part I, 3DD: The dominus key and struggle of Photoshop

Here are a few of my advertisement visualizations of THE DOMINUS KEY*.


*read with dramatic flair

Spamming the gradient tool allowed me to recreate the classic smooth glass look which is present in every advertisement photo for an IPhone. 142 more words


Epigenetics- Health and Spiritual Implications-Part I

Molecular biology has successfully espoused and propagated a concept that some scholars call “The Central Dogma” which is a genetic deterministic approach that postulates that the transfer of an organism’s biological information is unidirectional, meaning that the information flows only in one direction: DNAà RNAàProteins. 495 more words