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What is Data Lake Concept

Data lake concept assumes that you build an enterprise-wide data warehouse by storing data coming from various sources in its original format. You do not perform data transformation, and do not try to build a consistent data store anymore. 191 more words


209 - Musical Auditions

Sure, auditioning for a game show is all well and good (still haven’t heard back from those guys, by the way – that’s probably not a great sign), but unless you win that million dollars, it won’t pay the bills. 914 more words


Module 5- Assigning Homework (EDU 6526)

In Module 5’s content, Dean et al. (2012) discuss the importance of assigning homework and providing practice to students. Assigning homework and providing practice are valuable to student learning, because it supports them in deepening their knowledge. 623 more words

Begin Again

On the roadtrip from southern California earlier last month, my sister read aloud a review about Begin Again. It deemed it worthy of viewing because of one moment, but was otherwise “uninspired.” Unlike me, my sister remembered the review and invited me to see it with her. 383 more words



The idea of light and movement appealed to us, and if balanced correctly, can be an effective way of portraying our idea of hope and inspiration. 183 more words


Concept Idea

ING believe this is a powerful image in that it can be related directly to the current situation in the city of Christchurch with ‘re-use/recycling’ being a major factor in this installation. 79 more words