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Skills and Concepts, Concepts and Skills

Please help me thank Tania, a PYP Educator who commented on a previous post Portrait of a Self-Directed Learner and nudged some thinking about how skills are linked to conceptual understanding. 837 more words


What if learning isn't linear?

When we develop curriculum in schools, we’re saying “scope and sequence,” to mean the progression of learning experiences we design for our students. The term “scope and sequence” suggests that learning is a linear progression from a beginning point, through a series of points, ending at a particular point. 624 more words


#MTS part. 2: Market-based Instruments

The works of Stavins are used as the guiding source in attempt to understand the market-based environmental policy in this thesis. In his works, he has in great detail, discussed environment and regulations including law, but his most well-known discussion is about market-based instruments (MBIs) for environmental policy. 566 more words