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Schwille 2008- The Professional Practice of Mentoring

How should good mentoring be conceptualized, and what images help shape that conceptualization?

It concludes that, much like teaching, mentoring that is aimed at helping novices learn to teach is a professional practice with a repertoire of skill sets that must be learned over time…OKAY SO WHAT ARE THOSE SKILL SETS AND HOW DOES ONE ACQUIRE THEM (TIME CAN’T BE THE ONLY FACTOR) 2,409 more words

Mentor Knowledge

What is the Difference Between the Theoretical and the Conceptual Framework?

The following is the simplest explanation I have found about the difference in these two concepts. In my own words the theoretical framework is what will guide us in the putting together of own work. 608 more words

Conceptual framework, part II

I’ve come to the conclusion that there are no answers in doctoral programs, only more questions. I like to think I’m a pretty logical person who can always find the right answer. 174 more words


Conceptual Framework

For two weeks I’ve struggled with this. I’ve read and re-read AND re-re-read Maxwell before I started feeling like I was getting somewhere.

For tomorrow, I have to submit a graphic of my conceptual framework and a conceptual framework explanation. 237 more words


DAY 2: exhale.

It. Is. All. Over.

Jury duty, Assignment 3 conceptual framework, Assignment 2 presentation, and probably all of the chemicals my adrenal glands had stored up for the past month. 208 more words

Lisa Hammershaimb

Learning to teach: teacher candidates reflect on the relational, conceptual, and contextual influences of responsive mentorship

A key component of teacher education programs is the practicum. Associate teachers are key players in giving substance and support to such experiences (Clarke 2001; Cochran-Smith, 1991; Shulman, 2004). 400 more words

Mentor Knowledge

DAY 5: Assignment 3

Yep…I’m just that much of an overachiever that even before finishing Assignment 2, I am already scheming just what I might do for Assignment 3. But, lest I seduce you all into thinking that I am a model Type A student (which though I think I have brief flashes of…I am pretty sure I’m not) here’s some rationale for my forward thinking weekend, presented in logical + academic numbered points. 506 more words

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