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Liberty Is A Myth

So today my parents didn’t give me a permit word to visit my friends place in the midnight to give her a SURPRISE!!!!! ( ‘Cause It’s her birthday! 314 more words


Of the bleakness of cold winter days

029 // 365

Yet more snow today, which resulted in a snow day.
I can’t remember a day more productive. I got up as usual and set off to work, then whilst I was stuck in traffic at the end of my road I got a message saying that work wouldn’t open until 1030. 120 more words


i seized your fire

oh you were wild
yet caged;
i could feel your pain
and enslavement;
and penned.
i saw the way
you looked at me,
burning bright, 425 more words


Virabhadrasana I

Wandering through the darkness…

I am a warrior

No longer heartless.

Unfulfilled desire…

I am a warrior

Both body and mind, transpire.

Greeted by the universal sound… 82 more words