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I have been following Dyane Harwood’s blog for quite some time and she is one amazing blogger! She wrote a piece last week that has been eating away at my mind ever since I read it. 475 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Concerta makes my son tic.....

Ugh….my son has a tic and Concerta caused it. Peyton was diagnosed with ADD in September 2013. We decided medication was worth a try to help him. 208 more words

Welcome To It

ADHD and Generic Medications

I have heard conflicting information about generic medications in comparison with brands overall.
I once had a pharmacist argue with me that my generic was EXACTLY the same as the brand I was taking, it had to be all in my head if I felt different. 47 more words



Det är sommar och sol och jag irriterar mig på allting. Rastlöshetsryck och lite svag hypomani som kulminerar ca 16:30 på eftermiddagen och sedan tynar, så att jag åtminstone kan sova. 214 more words


The Ritalin Diaires Pt. 1

After a few months off being off Wellbutrin and any sort of medication, I decided to go see a new psychiatrist. Long story short, I was given a prescription for Concerta, which is basically time-released Ritalin. 243 more words

A Tiskit a Tasket - Life in a Basket with Mental Illness

My mother was just 58 years old when she moved in with our family due to her mental health instability —with another suicide attempt her psychiatrist said “her issues are complicated and co-morbid, her meds are not working – she has agreed to electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) and can no longer live alone – can she live with you?” “Well she’s going to have to —she hasn’t paid any of her bills in months and she has several eviction notices.”  The doctor replied “well it’s either that or she’ll have to be admitted to a psychiatric ward.” 867 more words


The Medication is Working

A few months ago I was diagnosed with adult ADD/ADHD and started new medication in addition to my regular pharmaceutical cocktail of psych meds that would match any ailing geriatric with failing health (am I being ageist right now? 763 more words