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"Living The Dream": How Our Dreams Influence Real Life

“Tell me what you know about dreamin…’”- Kid Cudi “Pursuit of Happiness

A blog by: Thomas Williamson Domol

What did you dream about last night? Was it the one where you’re flying? 626 more words


For as long as I can remember I’ve had this feeling. It’s a feeling I’ve always had trouble putting into words, but it’s a feeling that I feel we all get from time to time. 599 more words


unheard screams

Unheard screams by everyone who is supposed to hear
Dying dreams by the best architects to be graced with rapid eye movement
The movements that should be moving the masses aren’t hate crimes and genocide… 117 more words

The boy in the window

When the War ended the remnants of European Jewry came to places like New York City to live out their life in some sweet haven that they hoped might give them succor and some relief from the hideous nightmare of the Shoah. 967 more words


Sutaka Poem 003: Afterglow

six weeks later –

living room still retains its

magic light –

shifting warm to cool and back again.

wood paneled walls

(pine, pine, always it is pine – wood soft as the heart) 111 more words

Mythological Messages from the Body

Do we hear the stories rising from the cellular structures within our bodies? So often we limit consciousness to our cerebral hemispheres and fail to hear the narratives whispering, or perhaps shouting, within the consciousness of our tissues and organs. 110 more words


Spiritual Knowledge - First Post

Hello friends,

and welcome to the first post of Spiritual-Knowledge.com! I will be writing about the beliefs of the New Age Spiritual Movement and adding in my own experiences with God. 565 more words