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The Fold, by Deleuze

The basic premise is that our being consists of multiple layers, an enclosed portion that could be described as our soul, which is loosely connected to another layer that can be considered as the mind, and is linked to the outside world by the senses. 283 more words


Never have I

Never have I felt so alive

and so alone in the dark

you did warn me. Now if only I could find the east.

Hopefully they’ll be some (clarity) left in the morning.


How I'm Beating Eco-Burnout: 5 Ways

I’m having one of those days.  One of those days when trying to live a sustainable life feels impossible.

I’m doing the No Plastic July challenge… 1,356 more words


there was a moment
when it was strikingly still

no birds singing
no leaves falling

it was as if the world had held its breath… 56 more words


What If?

I came across this piece by Ganga White and was so moved I had to share it.

I hope you enjoy it too.

What If? 65 more words



For a moment,

there is a reaching,

a longing

for a different experience

than what is here,

and then I remember

I am unbound - 20 more words