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Stream of Conciousness and After:

Had the very strong urge to swipe the sign outside the Marriott that suggested a “Reptile Show” was inside;

If you are approached by a coyote, do not accept its offerings; 91 more words


An ode to Black Boss Porter.

In darkened nights and winter icy chill,

Drew up from deep like earth’s blood to spill,

Adorned in yin pitch  and yang white,

Without the pageantry Sam A. 135 more words


As a tribute to the awareness I just received. As a promise to myself. A commitment to live life the fullest. Yihhaaaaaa!!!

Ready or not, some day it will all come to an end.

289 more words

Kindle my fire

Lazy Sunday afternoon. That’s what I planned.
But I got out of bed, went through the morning rituals and thought with a sigh that things were so the same everyday. 344 more words


Jacob [1]

I remembered that the kid would always say the word “emptiness”. Every other word was emptiness. It scared the shit out of his teachers and…well, the kid’s parents just seemed  bothered by it. 784 more words

Day 583

A hand is to see
The eye that sees its palm, lined
Flat against the tide.

A word is to hear
The voice that knows it ear, soft… 53 more words


She hated this.

The door remained closed.

She stared out onto the flat black letters stenciled on the frosted glass that read:

Dr. Breigner

Neurology… 491 more words