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Best Before End. Curious (Warwick University UK, 30 July 2014).

Much of the work that occurs within the broad category of contemporary ‘post-dramatic’ performance to which Best Before End might be said to belong, attempts to use the resources of the theatre in an allusive and poetic fashion. 654 more words


10 poems that look like what they mean

By May Huang

Poets employ various means to get their message across in their poems, ranging from rhyme scheme to alliteration. However, poetic meaning can also be translated visually through a form termed “concrete poetry;” indeed, numerous poets experiment with line breaks and typography to present their work in a way that ‘looks’ the way it is supposed to ‘mean.’ Here are 10 poems whose meanings lie in their appearances: 592 more words


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I love the idea of this technique - 'concrete poetry' .... i think I'll give it a try!!

i'll probably never know

i watched

a woman

on tv today

she had no arms

at all

not even nubs

i watched her write with her toes

spoon sugar into coffee with her toes… 51 more words


a mid-summer’s night sweat

i’m hot and wet and sticky

opera on the radio

bottle of tequila, bottle of beer

in front of me

the occasional, faint rumbling of… 31 more words


Reasons to go to...Miami

Ruth and Marvin Sackner have been collecting visual and concrete poetry for 40 years and have amassed close to a quarter of a million pieces. Now, but… 123 more words