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Feedback I

FEEDBACK, as a god, has various aspects in the form of different sub-deities:
Ouroboros, Two-looped Ouroboros, Infinity, Deseret, Indra’s Net, and Realms.
REALMS is the interaction between all of the different realms of the Cosmos… 452 more words

Concrete Poetry


the trees are bare


the tombstones lean

like decorations

at a child’s hallowe’en party

the remains of the

irish monastery

are crumbling, the

sixth century… 21 more words


The Winter Swan

Because this website is called PDXPoet in London, it occurred to me I might want to post a poem from time to time. Here’s one. It’s a concrete poem, meaning its format is intended to imitate its content. 25 more words


Poetry in a Concrete Form

When my baby brother was applying to college, he asked me to edit his supplemental essays.  When I read his stream of consciousness essay–don’t remember the prompt–about what goes through his mind during a 5 touch fencing bout, I was struck.   34 more words


'P76 Issue 7 - Cornelis Vleeskens Special Issue' - Reviewed by Caren Florance

P76 Issue 7 – Cornelis Vleeskens Special Issue  has been reviewed in Cordite by Caren Florance. Her conclusion:

The works collected in this special issue have obviously been collated with care and purpose; it is not a glossy Festschrift by any measure (and by design), but I come away from the issue feeling that it works, that it is true what I imagine is Vleeskens’s ethos, and that it is a good and affectionate starting point for a broader survey of his work.

39 more words