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The Title

My husband is trying to sell “his” car. He’s in the car business, that’s what he does. And he’s good at it. So, I don’t get involved with anything that has to do with the buying/selling of cars in our household because its not my area of expertise. 1,052 more words

Emotional Abuse

Pessimism is a Barge off to Sea

The weather took an unexpected turn from unreasonably cold to excruciatingly hot. Even if this god-forsaken city is by the bay, all sense of humidity seems non-existent. 330 more words

Ai Weiwei Exhibit

My "diagnosis"...

I use this term loosely because today, my husband tried to tell me what “my problem” is. He sent me a link, informing me that I have adrenal fatique. 283 more words

Emotional Abuse

I'm Adopted, Not A Leper.

I was very young when my parents told me I was adopted. They wanted to be open with me about it immediately and I’m glad they were. 625 more words

Happy-Ish October!

Don’t you hate those feelings of ‘wow I’m stupid’ when someone has the nerve to talk down on you, just because you fail to understand something? 302 more words


Ladies: Stop Taking Responsibility for Other People's Choices


Just please stop already. I know it comes from a good place. Kind of. But stop it.

So here’s half of the problem: my librarian team has a wicked sweet tooth. 435 more words


A Posture in Life

Who among us wants to be known as a condescending person? I suspect that the likely answer is “no one among us.” In modern American English usage it has an almost exclusively negative connotation. 963 more words

Sunday Morning