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Rep. Massie Exposes Obamacare Architect Gruber As Economic Eugenicist in Hearing

Activist Post, 12/9/2014

Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky laid into Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber at today’s OGR Hearing in Congress, exposing him fully as an economic eugenicist. 68 more words


Mistakes Are Okay

I made a mistake in the month of November and let the stress overtake my business. I stopped working. I didn’t want to do anything associated with it because just the thought of it stressed me out even more. 60 more words


Maybe I am Poor, Thanks For Noticing.

I think it was the car.

I drive not only an ugly, but a busted, car. We have two cars, one that looks almost passable but doesn’t run well, the other looks broken but runs reliably. 904 more words



Browsing the internet, usually in specific music-making and music theory based subreddits, I frequently see questions about scales, modes, and keys. People often conflate the idea of a scale and a key, or modes and keys. 2,334 more words


The Title

My husband is trying to sell “his” car. He’s in the car business, that’s what he does. And he’s good at it. So, I don’t get involved with anything that has to do with the buying/selling of cars in our household because its not my area of expertise. 1,052 more words