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I'm Adopted, Not A Leper.

I was very young when my parents told me I was adopted. They wanted to be open with me about it immediately and I’m glad they were. 625 more words

Happy-Ish October!

Don’t you hate those feelings of ‘wow I’m stupid’ when someone has the nerve to talk down on you, just because you fail to understand something? 302 more words


Ladies: Stop Taking Responsibility for Other People's Choices


Just please stop already. I know it comes from a good place. Kind of. But stop it.

So here’s half of the problem: my librarian team has a wicked sweet tooth. 435 more words


A Posture in Life

Who among us wants to be known as a condescending person? I suspect that the likely answer is “no one among us.” In modern American English usage it has an almost exclusively negative connotation. 963 more words

Sunday Morning

My kids can't keep a secret

Or at least one of them cannot.  I briefly talked to each one of them about the “prospect” of homeschooling next year but they were not to mention anything to anyone in the family because of the lack of support that I would get from them, for this.   378 more words

"One Sloth Equals Two Monkeys"

In my welcome meetings for tours starting in San José I attempt present the Costa Rican currency, colones, in a simple way. Simple, as in presenting to 4-year-olds simple, but I hope it doesn’t come across as too condescending. 118 more words

Rooms To Go should be Rooms Be Gone

I just moved into a place twice the size of my last one; well, it wasn’t hard to beat, since I was homeless just a year ago. 335 more words