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Managers (Hiring) Are Stupid

Hiring Managers Are Stupid

I’m not going to take part in the Daily Prompt today. What’s with the fictional events or adventures? It sounds more to me like “I wish I could have that cake but first let me drink my diet coke”. 1,741 more words

Lawson's Randoms

I hate phone interviews

Why is it when I apply for jobs I’m completely qualified (and sometimes overqualified for) all I get is a thank you for my time and no interview, yet when I apply for jobs that I’m not completely prepared for I get multiple interviews and then someone who tells me that they’re looking for a more qualified individual? 721 more words

CHASE-ing Away Customers

Let’s hear it for the banks!! Hip-hip-booooo.  Banks already have a poor reputation, but there is one guy at the Chase bank on University Dr. in McKinney, TX who wants to make sure women feel belittled and put in their place.   195 more words

The Price

I remembered something today. About a man who in retrospect just needed to feel important. By making me feel small. So I joked with him. Backfired. 107 more words

By The Numbers...

I’m just about done with photography message boards/forums, looking for critiques and advise on improving my pictures.

By the numbers, based on three message boards/forums I’ve been to: 87 more words


Passive aggression

Have you seen the folks who appear as if they endorse laziness? Someone who’d go to any length to convince people that sloth needed to be scrapped from the list of deadly sins, and be called a non-conformist hence, but only in their dreams? 174 more words

The wonders of conceit

(Disclaimer: This is not a rant. It is actually more or less an observation. Also, I promise I’m not always so negative. I love my life.) 2,203 more words