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Raisin' Canes Sauce (for dipping chicken)

This is a DIY recipe for the sauce from Raisin’ Canes restaurant, which is also similar to a few other chicken finger restaurants (like Guthrie’s and Zaxby’s.) I looked at many websites, and combined recipes until the sauce tasted the same to me.   255 more words

American Recipes

Salsa Recipes

I had made several salsas which I memorized the recipe for decent salsa. Made it easier for me to make one batch real quickly. Salsa lovers already asked me for a recipe, I gladly gave to them. 495 more words

Hot Spicy

Some Like It Hot...

It is just crazy to me, but the post that garners the most hits is my Hot Pepper Hoagie Spread from August 22, 2013.  Who knew you all were a bunch of hot heads!  145 more words


Blackberry Ginger Preserves

Last year I bought one of those little blackberry bushes (really a stick) that we can find outside our grocery stores.  I usually have pretty good luck buying plants from the grocery store.  282 more words

Basil Pesto

The new things you learn about those you love…Who knew my husband liked Pesto? I didn’t..*sigh*! So with an overabundance of basil, I think I will make some of this over the weekend and freeze it! 122 more words

French Onion Dip

If you end up with any leftover caramelized onions,  you could always use them up in a French Onion Dip.  What is nice about this recipe, you are using fresh ingredients, not the powdered dried mix with all of its additives and preservatives. 55 more words

Gluten Free

Caramelized Onions

I know for some people, the thought of spending two hours on one component of dinner would be torture.   To me, it is relaxing.   I knew I wanted pizza on the grill for dinner and I was in the mood to use up some more zucchini…..I know, shocking!  379 more words