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Wed 30th July, 2014


EMOM12 -

Odd: 6 Deadlifts @ 130/80kg

Even: 10 Strict Ring Dips


For time -

100-80-60-30 Double Unders

10-15-20-25 Toes to Bar

- rest 5mins - 6 more words

Classical and operant conditioning


Classical conditioning is focused on reinforcers before the behaviour. Classical conditioning involves:
NS = Neutral Stimulus
UCR = Unconditioned Response
UCS = Unconditioned Stimulus… 516 more words

Counselling Theories

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Air conditioning installationNew York|877-999-0216|Experienced,|Specialists|Experts|Installers|repaiThe concern you are most likely asking now is “Exactly what can I do to keep my a/c system running smoothly and successfully?” First you can keep the coils clean of turf, dirt, and mud. 128 more words

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Portable air conditioning unitsNew York|877-999-0216|Experienced,|Specialists|Experts|Installers|repOver time, these things develop up inside the coils and obstruct the coils. Reducing that surface location causes the compressor to work harder because there is less heat being exchanged from the coils to the atmosphere. 124 more words

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Wall air conditioning unitsNew York|877-999-0216|Experienced,|Specialists|Experts|Installers|repaire



After spending the day cleaning up my yard and basement after the rain I hooked up the child trailer to my BMX and took my kid out for a spin. Probably about 6km or so.




Conditioning (am)

  • Hike (40 lb ruck) – 6.6km, 1:04:35, avg pace 9:44/km

We walked in one of the worst rain storms I think I’ve ever been in.