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Dystonia: 2 Years on

Yesterday marked two years since I became ill with Dystonia and had my whole life turned upside down. I went from first year student midwife having the time of my life to struggling to do simple tasks like putting jeans on or getting around the house. 243 more words


Best Candida Treatment: Diet Warnings!

Today people all around us are consuming toxic materials on a regular basis. Our love towards junk foods, packaged food and pasteurized food products has made our bodies a vessel for them to collect. 659 more words

Best Candida Treatment

Eye adventures

Have you ever even heard of a chalazion?  No?  Me neither, but after last weekend’s events, I now consider myself to be an expert.  It all started with what I thought was an innocent… 506 more words

Connor just walked his longest distance ever!

Tuesday Connor walked his longest distance ever independently. He’s been getting better and better at walking with the emotional support of holding a hand or even just a finger, and sometimes even just knowing our hands are hovering over his shoulders is enough. 592 more words


A tech-y generation.

Having to explain my diabetic tools to non medical people or non diabetics is always a hoot. But understandable. Having to explain my devices to the people at my diabetic specialists office was a strange experience. 388 more words


Sonnet: In Shadow

So often do I feel myself alone;
A shadow-being as dwelt in shadowed land;
Within a hidden place of shadowed sleep;
To drift within the dreams of others; and… 79 more words